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Fit2Run Is Opening A New Store In Disney Springs

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Fit2Run Is Opening A New Store In Disney Springs

If you’re an avid Disney Springs visitor, you might recall there used to be a Fit2Run location on the West Side.

Well, the location closed due to the construction of the brand new M&M’s Store, but Disney announced on Tuesday, Dec. 1 that Fit2Run is returning to the shopping, dining, and entertainment complex.

That’s right, a new Fit2Run store is opening at some point in the future at Disney Springs.

There aren’t a ton of details known at the moment, except the new location will be in the Town Center. Disney noted that more information will be revealed soon.


There’s a chance the new Fit2Run store could open where Lucky Brand used to be, but, again, Disney didn’t disclose specifics. 

As for the M&M’S Store that is currently being built on the West Side across from the House of Blues and near the NBA Experience, it’s slated to open in 2021. Back in December, Disney initially revealed the M&M’s Store would be replacing both Curl and Fit2Run. 

When first announced, Disney also noted that the store would “offer an immersive experience that combines the colorful fun that fans of the M&M’s brand enjoy with lasting memories.”

To stay on top of all of the latest updates across Walt Disney World, be sure to keep an eye on our WDW reopening page and our 2020 & 2021 vacation planner.

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