Can I make FastPass+ reservations for more days than I need?

When most people think about planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, the first thing they think of are the attractions. Disney World’s attractions are incredible and because of this, they can have long waits to experience them. No one enjoys waiting in a long line to experience an attraction. Luckily, you can keep your wait times to a minimum by using our touring plans and by using a free system Disney World offers to all park guests called FastPass+. FastPass+ is a great system to help minimize waits, but can you use it to book FastPasses for more days than you need?

Can I use somebody else’s ticket at Disney World?

My sister has a few days left on her ticket. Can I use it for my Disney World trip? We get this question a LOT. And it always makes us nervous. Once a ticket has been used it can NOT be transferred. Nope. Nope. Nope.

How do Park Hopper Plus tickets work?

When purchasing your tickets for Disney World you'll have a couple of different standard options beyond the Base Ticket: Park Hopper & Park Hopper Plus Park Hopper tickets allow you to visit more than 1 theme park on the same day, but what is a Park Hopper Plus ticket and how do they work?

Should I get Park Hopper tickets?

Park Hopper tickets are a popular upgrade to the base tickets you can purchase for Walt Disney World but are they always necessary?

When using my park tickets, do I have to use all the entitlements in a row or can I plan a break day in the middle?

Many people book trips that last longer than the number of days on their ticket and sometimes that can lead to some confusion when planning out park days and booking FastPass+ reservations. So much confusion that we are often asked "When using my park tickets, do I have to use them all in a row or can I plan a break day in the middle?" Guess what? We have some good news for people that like break days!