Just how crowded are the holidays at Disney World?

Although lots and lots of couples and single people travel to Disney World it is probably most well known as being a "family travel" destination. And if you are traveling as a family that likely means you'll have school-aged children. And if you do you'll probably be looking to vacation on their breaks. Along with all the other millions of families around the world. So, anytime school isn't in session, you're going to see the parks at Disney World more crowded. And not surprisingly, one of the most crowded times of the year is over the Christmas holiday. So, yes, its gonna be crowded over the holidays at Disney World, but that doesn't mean your trip will be miserable!

What is “rope drop” and should I do it?

Ahhh Rope Drop. Sweet, sweet, Rope Drop. Rope Drop happens every morning at all of the parks at Walt Disney World. Simply put, "Rope Drop" is when the park officially starts letting guests onto the attractions - not when they let people into the park.