Can you bring bags on rides at Disney World?

Even though my kids are grown I still always seem to have a bag with me when I am at Disney World. I always have things that I "need" in the park, like ponchos and sunglasses and hand sanitizer. Sometimes my bag is a small crossbody and sometimes it is a packed to the gills backpack. I don't think I've ever gone into a park at Disney World without some sort of bag. But, what happens when you're touring? Can you bring your bags on rides at Disney World?

I want to go to a park on my last day. What do I do with my bags?

Truth be told... Disney wants to make sure you get to pack as much fun as possible into your trip ... all the way up to your final day. But, unless you went to Disney World empty handed, you're going to have a lot of bags to deal with (and if you "accidentally" buy a few things, you'll likely have more bags than when you left home). So, that begs the question: what do you do with your bags so you can hit up Splash Mountain one more time?

What things can you bring into Disney World and what things are prohibited?

Just like any other public venue there are definitely things you can (and cannot) bring into Disney World. Some of the items in the list below probably seem self-explanatory but there are a few items that you may find a bit surprising.  So if you find yourself asking "What can I bring into Disney World" you'll definitely want to keep reading.