What happens if a discount comes out after I book my trip?

Free Dining. Summer promotions. Annual Passholder rates. Discounts are sometimes like the Golden Ticket of Disney trips. We hope they are out there and that we'll be lucky enough to snag one. But what do you do if a discount comes out AFTER you've already booked? Well ... it kind of depends.

What is a bounceback offer?

Lots of guests find out that as soon as they arrive to Walt Disney World they are ready to begin planning their next trip. Even if you think you might want to return you should strongly consider booking a Bounceback Offer. But, what exactly is a Bounceback offer and how can it save you money?

What is the Tables in Wonderland card?

From a Star Wars virtual reality experience in Disney Springs to horseback riding at Fort Wilderness Resort, Walt Disney World has something for just about everyone. That is especially true for those that like dining out and enjoying a few drinks. For foodies looking to save a few bucks, the Tables in Wonderland program is potentially a great discount. But just what is it and who can use it? Keep reading to find out!