If I want to take a break, how long should I plan for?

Disney World requires miles and miles of walking and oftentimes, unless you are visiting during the 2 weeks of the year when it isn't hot at least part of the day, you'll be doing a lot of that walking in the sun.

Lots of walking + heat means that even if you've outgrown taking a nap you may find yourself really wanting (and needing) one at Disney World.

But, if you want to escape the parks for a break just how long should you plan for?

Our vote is for a break that is at least 2 hours (not counting the transportation time) doing something restful and relaxing. Some people may want or need more and some maybe a bit less, but at least 2 hours plus the transportation time it takes you to get back and forth is what we recommend you plan for.

One thing I have learned works best for my family over the years is that we much prefer to schedule most of our Table Service meals for lunch rather than dinner. This approach might not make sense if you are using the Disney Dining Plan (because Table Service meals are generally cheaper so they are less likely to be a good deal on the Disney Dining Plan) but when travelling to Disney World with my kids it is a lot easier to take a break when we know we don't have to rush back for a dining reservation.

Instead, we like to tour in the morning, break for a nice lunch at a Table Service restaurant, ride a few more rides using our FastPass+ reservations and then head out for a nap. Not having any dinner reservations means we can take as much time as we need to get rested back up again so we'll be ready for the nighttime shows.

If you do have reservations in the evening and you want to take a break, just make sure you leave in plenty of time to get back to your resort and rest up before you have to leave again.

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