I want to go to a park on my last day. What do I do with my bags?

Truth be told...

Disney wants to make sure you get to pack as much fun as possible into your trip ... all the way up to your final day.

But, unless you went to Disney World empty handed, you're going to have a lot of bags to deal with (and if you "accidentally" buy a few things, you'll likely have more bags than when you left home).

So, that begs the question: what do you do with your bags so you can hit up Splash Mountain one more time?

You have a few options:


Many guests (not just those that use Magical Express) are able to use Resort Airline Check-In. This AMAZING service lets you check your bags at the resort! No schlepping your bags to the airport at all! WOO HOO! And the best part? It is FREE.

And as you know, in the world of "DISNEY" anything that is FREE is precious and the stuff that dreams are made of.

Now, there are a few restrictions but the vast majority of people are able to do it.

Get more info on how resort airline check-in works.


You could leave your bags in the car. This isn't the ideal situation but if you are able to get stuff stored safely away (for example, in a trunk so it is out of sight) and you don't have anything that could be damaged by the heat you could just leave stuff there.

Don't feel comfortable leaving stuff in your car or have carry-on bags you need to stash?

Ask Bell Services to hold them! This handy little service is available at all Disney Resorts and it gives you a safe spot to store your items so you can head to the fun one last time. And, like Resort Airline Check-in it is FREE.

Disney also has lockers you can rent at all of the parks. If your carry-on bags aren't too big, that is always an option, too!

Don't forget - it is appropriate to tip anybody handling your bags for you.

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