How early should you snag a spot for the fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

Most people that visit the Walt Disney World Resort make time at least once during their trip to see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.

But, how early should you snag a spot for the fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

The pickier you are about where you want to watch the show and the larger your group, the earlier you'll want to head over to find a spot.

Happily Ever After is so projection heavy that if you want to be able to have a good view of those you'll need to be relatively close to the castle.

Magic Kingdom fireworks viewing area map

If your goal is one of those "green" spots you'll want to snag a something at least 60 minutes early. Even at 60 minutes early you'll find that there will already be people lining up.

If you're more interested in the yellow areas, you can probably get by with 30-45 minutes ahead of the scheduled show. But keep in mind that by that time the crowds will already be pretty thick so it will be tougher to navigate if you have a stroller.

If you have a large party (6 or more) or multiple strollers, and you don't want to split up - earlier is better than later. The more the crowds build the harder it will be to find a spot up close that is large enough to accommodate all of you.

If you have any doubts about how early you should line up, keep your eye on the Hub as the showtime draws closer. If you see lots of people already heading in to find a spot, you'll know its time to grab yours, too.

Traveling during an extra busy time of the year or wanting to see the special fireworks on July 3 or 4th or December 30th or 31st? In those instances, you'll definitely want to get a spot extra early - at least 90 minutes.

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Think you might want to view the Magic Kingdom fireworks from outside the park? Check out suggestions for where to do just that!

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