How do you get a gift card for declining housekeeping services at Disney World? (Service Your Way)

Daily housekeeping is one of the perks of staying in a hotel but there are lots of reasons people may choose to decline it: privacy, security, or maybe you just like taking care of things yourself.

Now Disney is giving you another reason to opt-out of housekeeping: a Disney gift card.

But how do you get a gift card for declining housekeeping services at Disney World?

What does opting out of housekeeping mean?

It means you'll receive no housekeeping services.

Your room won't be vacuumed, your trash may not be emptied (you may have to do it yourself), the sheets won't be changed, your bed won't be made; all the traditional housekeeping/Mousekeeping services won't take place during your stay.

beds at pop century

Which resorts are eligible for a gift card for declining housekeeping services?

Currently this perk (officially known as "Service Your Way") is only available at Value and Moderate resorts.

You can't opt out of housekeeping at the Deluxe resorts or at Deluxe Villa resorts.

Note: guests staying on Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points - whether they own them or are renting them - do not receive full daily housekeeping services. DVC stays receive daily trash service and a full cleaning on day 4 unless you opt to pay for additional days.

What other requirements are there?

Your stay must be longer than 1 night and your room can not have been booked as part of a group or convention.

How do you sign up to decline housekeeping?

If you decide you'd like to decline housekeeping you do it at the front desk. Even if they don't ask you if you want it, if you are staying at a Value or Moderate you can request it.

Can people doing online check in still participate?

Yes! Just go down to the front desk and let them know that you would like to opt out of housekeeping and sign up for the "Service Your Way" program and they'll get it set up.

How much do you get on your gift card?

Your gift card will be electronic and you get it emailed to you shortly after signing up to at the front desk to opt out. Since it is electronic, to redeem it you can simply use your phone (there's a barcode that can be scanned).

To determine the value of your gift card multiply the number of nights you are staying times $10 and then subtract $10 from that total.

So, a 4 night stay would receive $30, an 8 night stay would receive $70, etc.

What if you need supplies during your stay?

If you find yourselves needing towels, sheets, or soap, etc., you have a couple options:

  1. If you see a housekeeper nearby, ask them if you can snag what you need from their cart.
  2. Dial housekeeping from your phone and tell them what you need and it will be delivered to you.

Remember, even if you ask for clean sheets to be delivered, they won't put them on the bed for you, you'll need to do that yourself.

pop century bathroom service your way

Does this mean that nobody will ever come into my room?

Not necessarily.

In an effort to increase security, a Disney employee is required to enter your room at least once per day. As a reflection of this new policy, the "Do Not Disturb" signs have been replaced with "Room Occupied" signs.

Room Occupied sign

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