How can I avoid the long lines in Toy Story Land?

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How to avoid the lines in Toy Story Land

If you are worried about the long lines in Toy Story Land you have a few options to help minimize your wait:

Early Morning Magic - Toy Story Land

If you're looking for light crowds and easy access to the attractions in Toy Story Land, Early Morning Magic at Toy Story Land might be just the thing.

This is probably our favorite way to access the attractions and characters at Toy Story Land.

Not only does it get you onto all 3 of the attractions (multiple times if you like) it also lets you roam around this adorable addition with very light crowds and if you time your morning right, you'll be able to to ride 1 or 2 of the attractions in the rest of the park as soon as they open and still make it to the breakfast that is served with your admission.

Early Morning Magic Toy Story Land SQ

Extra Magic Hours

Disney's Hollywood Studios does offer Extra Magic Hours on a regular basis and those can be a good option if you are committed to getting up early and arriving to the gate of the park at least 45 minutes before Extra Magic Hours begin.

While you probably won't be able to do all 3 attractions this way, you can definitely get at least 1 and maybe 2 done without having to wait hours.

But, keep in mind while Early Morning Magic is open to everybody, only onsite guests have access to Extra Magic Hours.

Purchase additional FastPasses by staying Club Level

Guests staying Club Level have the option to purchase additional FastPasses for each day of their stay. If you're staying Club Level and are concerned about the lines, this is a fantastic option.

Everything you ever wanted to know about staying Disney Club Level (1)

Hire a V.I.P. Tour Guide for the day

Disney has amazing V.I.P. Tour Guides that you can hire. As you can imagine, they are quite expensive but, depending on your situation they might make sense.

Can't do one of those? Use these touring plans.

If one of the tips up above won't work for your situation, you'll need a good plan.

To help you maximize your day at the park, we have put together touring plans that include all of the attractions in Toy Story Land and while you'll still have some lines if you follow one of the plans linked below you'll keep the wait to a minimum.

The key to these plans is getting to the park at least 45 minutes before rope drop - no exceptions!

Hollywood Studios touring plans (including the new Toy Story Land attractions)

Hollywood Studios touring plans map


How do you avoid the lines in Toy Story Land

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