Do I need a car seat for my little one if I use Magical Express?

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If you don't frequently use mass transportation like the buses Disney uses for Magical Express or even the buses, monorails, and boats they use around the Walt Disney World resort, you may not be familiar with the rules and laws that govern if and when you need to use a car seat.

The nice thing about Disney transportation is that no car seats are needed to use it. This includes Magical Express.

If you plan to fly with your little one you may have your car seat with you for the plane, and that is perfectly okay. However, even if you have it with you when you board Magical Express you won't be able to use it.

Instead, they will store it for you on the bus until you arrive at your resort. This is because not all buses have seat belts AND the seat belts that are on the buses are not designed for car seats.

Now, this may sound really unsafe, but the truth is that buses used for mass transportation are designed WAY better than regular cars. They are going to do a much better job of protecting unrestrained occupants in the event of a crash.

So, consequently, it is safer for the seat to be stored than it is for it to be either improperly installed with the bus seat belts OR loose and able to fly around inside the bus if an accident were to happen.

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What if you are flying into Orlando and renting a car or using a car service?

In those instances you WILL need a car seat. You can bring your own, or, if you prefer, you can inquire with the agency you are working with as to if they also rent or provide car seats.

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Or get more information on using a private car service at the airport.

One final thing:

If you use a ride sharing service like Uber or Lyft and you need a car seat, you'll need to request it when you request the car OR use your own.

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HOWEVER, if you use Disney's Minnie Vans they provide the car seats and booster seats for you (making this an awesome choice for families needing to move quickly between locations at Disney World). Not only do they provide car seats but the Cast Members that drive the Minnie Vans are also very well trained in their installation.

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There is lots of information published about the pros and cons and safety concerns from renting car seats. If you are considering that option, please make sure you do your research first!

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