Do I have to pay extra for my kids to do the passports at Epcot?

QOTD Pattern option 3 SQUARE 4 - Do I have to pay extra for my kids to do the passports at Epcot?One of my FAVORITE things about Disney World and planning Disney World trips is that there are so many ways to get creative!

Do you guys know what the Epcot passports are?

WELL - all the countries in Epcot have these handy little stations called Kidcot Fun Stops. They are generally just a table with some art supplies tucked into a corner of each pavilion but don't let their unassuming nature confuse you because they are a VERY cool idea!

This isn't just an art table where kids can color a picture: it is an opportunity to sit and interact (even if just briefly) with a Cast Member from the county represented by that pavilion.

Isn't that fun?

Lots of the Cast Members from the World Showcase are originally from the Epcot Pavilion country they are working in which makes it a fun experience for anybody that doesn't have the opportunity to visit the real deal.

The Kidcot Fun Stops are totally free to visit and while there you can do fun things like collect and color a traveler card themed to each country (which is free) BUT if you have kids that are a little bit older you might want to consider doing a passport in addition to or instead of the traveler cards.

There is no one passport that you HAVE to use if this is something you want to do. Just like with autograph books you can make your own or buy one.

You can find Epcot passports for sale all over Epcot and you can even find custom made ones on Etsy. SO CUTE!

You can also find ideas and free printable versions online.

Pinterest is a hotbed of Disney craft action, too. You follow us on Pinterest, right? If not you SHOULD --->

Most passports I've seen have a place for the Cast Member to write your name or a little message to you in their native language, a place for the stamp, and then some cute images or clipart. When filled, this makes for a very cool souvenir.

There are even "adult" versions for Food and Wine and Flower and Garden festivals!

SO - to (finally) answer the question:

Passports can be free (if you make your own) OR you can spend a few bucks and find one already made. Either way is fine!

Want more info on passports as well as other FUN and FREE things to do with kids at Disney World?

Check out our guide to free or cheap things to do with kids at Disney World.

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