Can you make FastPass+ reservations for more days than you need?

When people dive into planning their Disney World trip they are often surprised that if you want to have the best options for dining and FastPass+ reservations you'll have to know what you'll be doing in the parks months in advance.

Quite understandably that can be intimidating and just a bit daunting.

It is logical, then, for people to want to cover their bases by making a variety of FastPass+ reservations with the thought that they would just cancel the extras.

So that begs the question, "Can you make FastPass+ reservations for more days than you need?"

I totally understand why people ask that because it can be really hard to decide 60 days out what you'll want to do each day, especially if you've never gone before.

However, that's not something you can do.

The FastPass+ system will only allow you to book FastPass+ reservations for the same number of days as the length of your ticket.

You can, however, change your FastPass+ reservations as many times as you'd like (keeping in mind that availability is going to be the best when your reservation window opens).

So, make sure you check out all of our suggested touring plans and FastPass+ recommendations before you make your choices!


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