Can I book FastPasses in two parks for the same day?

Walt Disney World’s four theme parks are full of amazing attractions and those attractions are one of the biggest draws bringing guests to the Walt Disney World Resort. But, because of their popularity, many Disney World rides can experience long waits. To help keep waits to a minimum, in addition to using our handy touring plans, all Disney World guests have access to a free system called FastPass+. FastPass+ is an awesome system, but can you use it to book FastPasses in two parks for the same day?

Can I make FastPass+ reservations for more days than I need?

When most people think about planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, the first thing they think of are the attractions. Disney World’s attractions are incredible and because of this, they can have long waits to experience them. No one enjoys waiting in a long line to experience an attraction. Luckily, you can keep your wait times to a minimum by using our touring plans and by using a free system Disney World offers to all park guests called FastPass+. FastPass+ is a great system to help minimize waits, but can you use it to book FastPasses for more days than you need?

Can I use somebody else’s FastPass+ reservation?

Disney is very particular (and rightfully so) about people following the rules when it comes to FastPass+ reservations and tickets. So, we totally understand when people want to be cautious about being sure that they abide by all the policies that Disney has in place. But what about when you have a traveling companion that decides they don't want to ride something? Can somebody else use their FastPass+ reservation?

Can you bring bags on rides at Disney World?

Even though my kids are grown I still always seem to have a bag with me when I am at Disney World. I always have things that I "need" in the park, like ponchos and sunglasses and hand sanitizer. Sometimes my bag is a small crossbody and sometimes it is a packed to the gills backpack. I don't think I've ever gone into a park at Disney World without some sort of bag. But, what happens when you're touring? Can you bring your bags on rides at Disney World?

Can you make FastPass+ reservations for more days than you need?

When people dive into planning their Disney World trip they are often surprised that if you want to have the best options for dining and FastPass+ reservations you'll have to know what you'll be doing in the parks months in advance. Quite understandably that can be intimidating and just a bit daunting. It is logical, then, for people to want to cover their bases by making a variety of FastPass+ reservations with the thought that they would just cancel the extras. So that begs the question, "Can you make FastPass+ reservations for more days than you need?"

Does Disney World ever close?

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that Disney World is open on all major holidays. Christmas. New Years. Easter. You name a holiday and Disney World is open and ready to receive guests. But surely they can't be open ALL the time, right? So, does Disney World ever close? The answer is - sometimes but it is very rare indeed!

I have a FastPass+ reservation for my child to meet the princesses, do I need one, too?

It is fairly obvious if you are accompanying a younger person on an attraction that if you are using FastPass+ you'll both need to have reservations. That kind of makes sense because you'll both be riding. But what about if you are using some of your FastPass+ reservations for character meets? Do the adults need to make FastPass+ reservations for the characters, too?

If I want to take a break, how long should I plan for?

Disney World requires miles and miles of walking and oftentimes, unless you are visiting during the 2 weeks of the year when it isn't hot at least part of the day, you'll be doing a lot of that walking in the sun. Lots of walking + heat means that even if you've outgrown taking a nap you may find yourself really wanting (and needing) one at Disney World. But, if you want to escape the parks for a break just how long should you plan for?

Just how crowded are the holidays at Disney World?

Although lots and lots of couples and single people travel to Disney World it is probably most well known as being a "family travel" destination. And if you are traveling as a family that likely means you'll have school-aged children. And if you do you'll probably be looking to vacation on their breaks. Along with all the other millions of families around the world. So, anytime school isn't in session, you're going to see the parks at Disney World more crowded. And not surprisingly, one of the most crowded times of the year is over the Christmas holiday. So, yes, its gonna be crowded over the holidays at Disney World, but that doesn't mean your trip will be miserable!

What are Single Rider Lines at Disney World?

Nearly every attraction at Disney World has at least 2 lines: a Standby Line and a FastPass+ Line. The line names are pretty self-explanatory but the FastPass+ Line is what you would enter if you had a FastPass+ reservation and the Standby Line is what you use if you don't. There are a few attractions that have a 3rd line: a Single Rider Line. But, just what are "Single Rider" lines and should you use them?

What happens if a ride breaks down before I can use my FastPass+?

Picture it: You've been planning your magical Disney World vacation for nearly a year. You spent hours plotting out your touring plans and then, at exactly 60 days from when you checked in, you were up before the sun scoring the PERFECT times for your FastPass+ reservations. On the big day you head into the parks and just as you approach one of the rides to scan your MagicBand you realize that the lines aren't moving. In fact - they aren't even letting people into the lines at all. Is all that planning wasted? What happens if a ride breaks down before you get the chance to use your FastPass+?

What is “rope drop” and should I do it?

Ahhh Rope Drop. Sweet, sweet, Rope Drop. Rope Drop happens every morning at all of the parks at Walt Disney World. Simply put, "Rope Drop" is when the park officially starts letting guests onto the attractions - not when they let people into the park.

What is Pop Warner Week at Disney World?

If you've spent anytime at all on Disney message boards or if you've poured over our crowd calendar you might have noticed something called "Pop Warner Week" listed. But what is Pop Warner Week at Disney World and why do people sometimes recommend avoiding it?

What is the best way to tour if we want to sleep in and skip Rope Drop?

Although arriving at least 30-45 minutes before Rope Drop is hands-down one of the best things you can do to maximize your mornings at Disney World, sometimes those early mornings can be hard to keep up with. If you are planning any super late nights or if your trip is 5 or more days, you may find yourself craving some extra sleep. And that is okay! Not every single day HAS to be a Rope Drop day, and in fact, we don't recommend that it is. Tired travelers aren't likely to have magical times so making sure that everybody in your group is getting enough rest is important. But, if Rope Drop is so important, how do you tour if you skip it?

What is the difference between “Early Morning Magic” and “Extra Magic Hours”?

Disney really knows how to make things confusing! There are a couple of different ways you can get into Magic Kingdom "early", and Early Morning Magic and Extra Magic Hours (2 very similarly named events) are a couple of those ways. But, what's the difference between the 2?

When using my park tickets, do I have to use all the entitlements in a row or can I plan a break day in the middle?

Many people book trips that last longer than the number of days on their ticket and sometimes that can lead to some confusion when planning out park days and booking FastPass+ reservations. So much confusion that we are often asked "When using my park tickets, do I have to use them all in a row or can I plan a break day in the middle?" Guess what? We have some good news for people that like break days!

Which rides at Disney World may make me motion sick?

Full disclosure: I am not a doctor and I have no medical training (unless watching every episode of the TV show M.A.S.H. at least a dozen times counts, which it doesn't, I just really love that show so I wanted to slip in a reference out of respect). But, what I do have is a lot of years worth of navigating Walt Disney World as a person that gets motion sick easily. So, if you're in the "sensitive stomach club" and you're wondering "which rides at Disney World may make me motion sick", keep reading....