Are there lockers available to rent at Disney World?

I like to carry all of my "stuff" on me but for many people, a locker makes a lot more sense. Maybe you have a small cooler or you want to store an extra change of clothes or a costume for your little one's Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique reservation. Whatever the reason, if you're wondering if Disney World has lockers, you're in luck: Of course there are lockers! Disney thinks of EVERYTHING!

Can I bring food into Disney World?

If you are a regular at a local theme park or if you go to lots of sporting events you may be used to seeing signs that outside food and drinks are prohibited. But guess what? You CAN bring food and drink into the parks at Disney World! And, there are so many reasons why this might make sense for you.

Do I have to pay extra for my kids to do the passports at Epcot?

One of my FAVORITE things about Disney World and planning Disney World trips is that there are so many ways to get creative! Do you guys know what the Epcot passports are? WELL - all the countries in Epcot have these handy little stations called Kidcot Fun Stops. They are generally just a table with some art supplies tucked into a corner of each pavilion but don't let their unassuming nature confuse you because they are a VERY cool idea!

Do I need a park ticket to eat at one of the restaurants in Epcot?

One of the best parts about visiting Walt Disney World is all of the great dining options available! Where else but Disney World can you dine in the West Wing of the Beast’s castle or sit in the back of a car shaped booth while watching retro movie clips? One of the most popular destinations for unique dining is Epcot where Disney makes it possible to "dine around the world" in a single day. But, do you need a park ticket to dine in one of the Epcot restaurants? Yes, you do. But don’t let that get you down. If you're looking for someplace amazing to dine at Disney World there are plenty of other great options to choose from outside of the parks!

How can I walk between Epcot and Hollywood Studios?

One of the nice things about staying in an Epcot-area resort is the ability to walk to both Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Boat transportation is available, but can be slower, require long waits for the next boat, and sometimes they fill up during busy times. The trek between the parks is a brisk 15-minute walk. At Epcot, this path can be found by exiting the International Gateway (located near the UK pavilion), heading toward the Beach Club, then continuing toward the Swan/Dolphin, and then on to Hollywood Studios. If you're at Hollywood Studios, you can take the path along the water which will lead you toward Epcot. Not sure where to go or uncertain you're headed the right way? Just ask a Cast Member who will be able to point you in the right direction. Learn about more paths you can take while at Disney World to save yourself some time.

Is a Candlelight Processional Dining Package necessary?

The holiday season is a very exciting time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort! In addition to all of the decorations at both the parks and resorts, there are also several special events occurring at Disney World during this time of the year. One of the most popular of these events is the Candlelight Processional. So what exactly is the Candlelight Processional and do you need to book a Candlelight Processional Dining Package to see it? The answer to the dining package question is no, you don’t NEED to book it to see it. However, having a dining package definitely helps!

What are “Magic Shots” at Disney World and how do I know which ones are available?

If you are new to Disney World or if you haven't ever paid much attention to Disney's PhotoPass service you may be thinking that a "Magic Shot" is when somebody at Epcot (over the age of 21, of course) consumes a bit of alcohol out of one of those containers they market as "toothpick holders". That my friends is just a plain ol' "shot". Yes, you may be drinking it at Disney World but it's still just called a "shot". OR - maybe you think it has something to do with a bunny rabbit and a person waving a wand over a top hat. But that is just "magic". A "Magic Shot" is something totally different. But just what are Magic Shots at Disney World and where can you find them?

What are Single Rider Lines at Disney World?

Nearly every attraction at Disney World has at least 2 lines: a Standby Line and a FastPass+ Line. The line names are pretty self-explanatory but the FastPass+ Line is what you would enter if you had a FastPass+ reservation and the Standby Line is what you use if you don't. There are a few attractions that have a 3rd line: a Single Rider Line. But, just what are "Single Rider" lines and should you use them?

What things can you bring into Disney World and what things are prohibited?

Just like any other public venue there are definitely things you can (and cannot) bring into Disney World. Some of the items in the list below probably seem self-explanatory but there are a few items that you may find a bit surprising.  So if you find yourself asking "What can I bring into Disney World" you'll definitely want to keep reading.

When do the Christmas decorations go up at Disney World?

If you are planning a trip to Disney World to see the Christmas decorations you may be wondering when those decorations actually go up! The good news is that it is earlier than you might think...

When do the dessert parties at Disney World open up for booking?

I wish I could tell you how many times a week we get asked this question. And that makes total sense because the process for booking dessert parties has gotten pretty confusing in recent years.   Disney publicizes that the dessert parties open up for booking at 180 days (like dining reservations) and while that may be true sometimes, it definitely isn't true ALL of the time.   In fact, more often than not you'll find that those pesky dessert parties don't open up at 180 days. Or even at 90 days. Sometimes they don't even open up at 60 days.   And, there really isn't any rhyme or reason to it. Well, at least not to "us" non-Disney employed folks there isn't.

When do they take the Christmas decorations down at Disney World?

I absolutely love all things Christmas, including the decorations. But, come the day after Christmas I'm usually ready to get my house back in order so it isn't unusual to find me boxing stuff up on December 26th. Disney isn't quite as fast at taking their decorations down, but they aren't too far behind. So, just when do they take the decorations down at Disney World?

When will the Disney World gondolas (Disney Skyliner) be finished?

(Last updated: March 22, 2019) Disney already has fantastic transportation options to help get you and your family around the entire Walt Disney World Resort area. But soon, in addition to the buses and boats and monorails and Minnie Vans guests will have a brand new transportation option to use: gondolas! Yep. That's right - gondolas are coming to Disney World, but just where will they go and when will they be available?

Where are the Disney Visa Character Experiences located?

One of the best parts about visiting Walt Disney World is having the opportunity to meet all of your favorite characters. Luckily, Disney World provides plenty of opportunities to do just that. There are character dining experiences both within the parks and at the resorts and, if dining with the characters isn't your thing, you'll find dedicated meet and greet locations within the parks - including some that even have the opportunity to book Fastpasses for them! But, did you know there are also exclusive meet and greet opportunities for guests? Yep. And if you have a Disney Visa credit or debit card you'll want to keep reading to find out more about these free experiences!