Can I bring a wagon (or a stroller wagon) to Disney World?

When my kids were young, we preferred to use our wagons on many family outings. Places like parks and zoos were definitely easier to navigate with a wagon. So, you may think that a wagon would be perfect for Disney World, too - But, nope.

Can I fudge my child’s height?

Disney World has height requirements for several attractions, and it can be frustrating if you have a child who is right on the edge of that height because you want to be able to do as much as possible during your trip. However, the requirements are there for safety reasons and should not be fudged. Just make sure you're prepared ahead of time and know which attractions have requirements so you can plan accordingly. How will my child's height be checked? Unlike some places, there isn't one centralized location where you take your child to get measured and you don't get a bracelet or any other identifier to let people know your child is tall enough for the rides. Generally speaking, at all of the attractions where there is a height requirement Cast Members will check your child's height twice: once when you enter the line and then again as you get closer to where you board. Your child has to pass both of those inspection points in order to be allowed to board the attraction. Just like adults, from day to day your child's height might change ever so slightly. So, it isn't unusual to have instances where somebody was tall enough to ride an attraction one day but not the next. If your child is one of those who is just barely tall enough it might not be a bad idea to prepare them just in case they fall a little short. Check out our overview of all Disney World attractions with height requirements for more info.

Do I have to pay extra for my kids to do the passports at Epcot?

One of my FAVORITE things about Disney World and planning Disney World trips is that there are so many ways to get creative! Do you guys know what the Epcot passports are? WELL - all the countries in Epcot have these handy little stations called Kidcot Fun Stops. They are generally just a table with some art supplies tucked into a corner of each pavilion but don't let their unassuming nature confuse you because they are a VERY cool idea!

Do I need a car seat for my little one if I use Magical Express?

This is a VERY frequent question we receive so if you have little ones you might want to read below: (And since this is extra long you might want to grab some coffee and a snack to munch on before you start.) If you don't frequently use mass transportation like the buses Disney uses for Magical Express or even the buses, monorails, and boats they use around the Walt Disney World resort, you may not be familiar with the rules and laws that govern if and when you need to use a car seat. The nice thing about Disney transportation is that no car seats are needed to use it. This includes Magical Express.

I have a FastPass+ reservation for my child to meet the princesses, do I need one, too?

It is fairly obvious if you are accompanying a younger person on an attraction that if you are using FastPass+ you'll both need to have reservations. That kind of makes sense because you'll both be riding. But what about if you are using some of your FastPass+ reservations for character meets? Do the adults need to make FastPass+ reservations for the characters, too?

What are the Baby Care Centers?

Travelling with infants or small children isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish. Luckily, the folks at Walt Disney World help to make it a little less challenging by providing guests vacationing with little ones access to handy Baby Care Centers. These centers are convenient, well-stocked, and best of all - free! Think your family might want to use a Baby Care Center on your next trip? Keep reading to find out why we think you should...

What is the best age for Disney World?

We get this question a lot - which is quite understandable since a vacation to Disney World is not cheap. Wanting to go when your kids are likely to enjoy it the most is a totally reasonable goal. So, what is the best age for Disney World?

What is the Pixar Play Zone at Disney’s Contemporary Resort?

Even though Disney World is billed as a "family destination" that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for some adult-only fun, too. But, what do you do with the kids? One option for families looking to give their kids a night out is the Pixar Play Zone.