Does Disney World ever close?

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that Disney World is open on all major holidays. Christmas. New Years. Easter. You name a holiday and Disney World is open and ready to receive guests. But surely they can't be open ALL the time, right? So, does Disney World ever close? The answer is - sometimes but it is very rare indeed!

There is rain in the forecast for every day of our trip. Help!

As winter starts to creep into spring and then into summer, this question pops up more and more. If you come from someplace where there isn't a lot of rain or daily rain showers aren't a thing, then you might be panicking a bit if you see a forecast with lots of thunder clouds. Vacations are expensive and Disney vacations can really add up. If you are spending all that money you may worry that your trip is a washout. BUT - it doesn't have to be and in all likelihood it WON'T be.