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Disneyland After Dark Pride Nite Review (tickets, event map, schedule)

Disneyland After Dark Pride Nite Review (tickets, event map, schedule)

After seeing all of the pics and videos from Disneyland Pride Nite 2023, I decided I’d definitely be going in 2024. In fact, I planned a whole California road trip around it.

Here’s how it went.

Tickets and Dates

As somebody who primarily focuses on Disney World planning, I sometimes have a hard time with Disneyland planning because it’s often done with a lot less advanced notice.

For 2024 Pride Nite, Disney released info on these dates:

As a non-Magic Key holder, I joined the queue on April 11 and was able to snag my tickets without any trouble. They even sent me an email letting me know it was my time in the queue to buy my tickets.

Disneyland Pride Nite queue email

Tickets were $159/person (ages 3+) and did eventually sell out for both dates.

What takes place at Pride Nite

Considering there are only 2 party dates, I was incredibly impressed how much Disneyland goes all out for this event.

Pre-party entry

Although the actual event takes place from 9 p.m.-1 a.m., people with event tickets can enter as early as 6 p.m. Day guests without party tickets had to leave by 8 p.m.

Since we had a short trip with only 1 day to spend in Disneyland, this was super handy to get to do some rides before the party even began.

When you enter, you are given a wristband to wear to prove that you have a party ticket. Guests who are already in the park can get their wristband inside the park without having to go to the front of the park (the location is between Fantasyland and Galaxy’s Edge).

At entry, we were also given a party map (linked at the bottom of this post) and souvenir lanyard.


There’s a special Pride Nite fireworks show during the event that’s SO good and shouldn’t be missed.

Since it only took place once (at 9:30 p.m.), it took some planning to make sure we could find a spot and be ready for the show. We got into a spot on Main Street near Jolly Holiday around 9:00 which was a good view.

Unlike the cavalcade, you can actually stand on Main Street for this so it gives you more options for viewing.


Although Disney calls this a cavalcade (which implies it’s too short to be considered a parade), I would actually consider it more of a full-blown parade and 100% worth seeing.

This took place twice during the event – once at 9:50 p.m. (convenient time if you want to watch after the fireworks) and 11:40 p.m. (the less crowded option). The first cavalcade begins at the front of the park, with the second starting by It’s a Small World.

We opted to do the 9:50 viewing from the same spot we watched the fireworks.

Plaza Inn offered a dining package which included reserved viewing for both the fireworks and cavalcade which would make it even easier to make sure you have a spot to view both.

Dance parties

There were a few dance parties available during the event.

The Ohana Dance Party in Tomorrowland is lead by Stitch and took place on the stage next to Galactic Grill. It was super convenient to mobile order some drinks/snacks and then find a table to sit down for the dance party. Of course, you can also get on the actual dance floor and dance as well.

There was also a dance party in The Golden Horseshoe (with country line dancing) and a DJ along the Rivers of America that you could hear from anywhere nearby.

Photo ops

There were lots of special photo ops throughout the park with fun back drops and characters in pride costumes.

Some had PhotoPass photographers and some didn’t. For the ones that had PhotoPass photographers, photo downloads are included with your party ticket.

The longest lines of the nights were definitely for some of the characters, so be aware of that. You’ll find their locations in the event map linked at the bottom of this post.

Special dining options

There were Pride Nite treats available to purchase throughout the park as well as dining packages available to book.

Mobile ordering was available during the party, and spots that have popular food/treats fill up FAST so be sure to mobile order ASAP to avoid having to wait hours for your food.

River Belle Terrace, Cafe Orleans, and Plaza Inn also had special 3-course menus available as dining packages. We don’t usually recommend sit-down dining during special events since it cuts into your party time. You’re better off eating beforehand and/or mobile ordering during the party to save time.

Special note: the Plaza Inn dining package offered reserved viewing for fireworks and the cavalcade. The view for the fireworks is fine, but you’d be better off finding your own spot for the cavalcade.

Low ride wait times

Although it may not be a focus for frequent park visitors, we enjoyed the low wait times for the rides since this was our only time in Disneyland this trip.

We tried to balance time spent on attractions and time spent on party-exclusive events to get a mix of both.

Almost all rides were open, but Rise of the Resistance in Galaxy’s Edge was not, so that would be a good 1 to do before the party. Just make sure you’re in line by 7 p.m. as that’s when the line is shut down.

Pride Nite merchandise

There was exclusive Pride Nite merchandise available for purchase at a shop set up in Tomorrowland near Space Mountain.

Other options worth seeing

In addition to the things above, these were aspects of the event worth checking out:

  • Rainbow projections on It’s a Small World
  • Pride Musical Celebration near It’s a Small World at 9:00 p.m., 10:15 p.m., 11:15 p.m, and 12:15 a.m.
  • Rainbow projections down Main Street
  • Main Street goodbye with characters

Pride Nite map

Here’s the map that was given out for the 2024 Disneyland After Dark Pride Nite.

Click to open a PDF version.

Disneyland Pride Nite map

Is Disneyland After Dark Pride Nite worth it?

The short answer is YES. For 7 hours of park time, you get the chance to go on rides without long waits (and no need to get Lightning lanes), see exclusive fireworks and a parade, meet characters in special outfits, and just have pure FUN.

In fact, it’s one of the most family-friendly Pride events I’ve ever attended, and it was heartwarming to see kids with their supportive parents.

I wouldn’t hesitate to attend again and again. I just wish they offered more dates so more people could make it.


Does Disneyland host Gay Days?

While Disneyland decorates for Pride month and hosts Pride Nite, Gay Days is a 3rd party organization that has their own events and schedule.

Does Disney World have Pride Nite?

No, Disney World doesn’t have Pride Nite. They do sell Pride merchandise and have Pride photo backgrounds throughout the parks.

Is Pride Nite only for LGBT+ people?

Though there are a lot of LGBT people who attend, allies are welcome as well. Be sure to throw on your best pride outfits to fully immerse yourself in the fun!