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Tangierine Café Menu & Review (2022 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival)

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Tangierine Café Menu & Review (2022 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival)

Tangierine Café in the Morocco pavilion still isn’t serving its original Quick Service menu, but the dining location continues to act as an Epcot festival spot — the Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina booth.

The marketplace is known for selling traditional Moroccan-inspired cuisine, like grilled kebabs and a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Believe it or not, but we actually loved every single item at this booth. It was our favorite of the entire festival!

You can’t go wrong with any of these items. You even get a lot of bang for your buck, especially with the flatbread.

tangierine cafe flower and garden menu items

What also makes this spot nice is the many tables and chairs provided for guests.

Be sure to keep reading for our must-trys, photos, full reviews, and our ratings for Tangierine Café.


Location: Morocco pavilion
Nearby booths: Hanami, La Isla Fresca
Nearby seating areas: There is indoor seating inside Tangierine Café, including plenty of outdoor seating. Plus, Restaurant Marrakesh (in the back of the pavilion) is being used as an indoor seating area.
Not to miss: Everything

favorite booths - flower and garden 2022 - map

Tangierine Café Menu


4.8/5Mediterranean Flatbread with Za’atar, Artichokes, Olives, Mozzarella and Feta Cheese (new)$5.75N/A
3.5/5Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta$8.00N/A
4.3/5Lamb Kefta Grilled Kebab with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli$5.75GFN/A
5/5Harissa Chicken Grilled Kebab with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli $5.75GFN/A
GF = gluten friendly, PB = plant-based, KF = kid friendly


3.8/5Pomegranate Mimosa$11.00Yes
3.5/5Playalinda Brewing Company Ginger and Elderberry Ale, Titusville, FL$5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)Yes
4/53 Daughters Pomegranate Hard Cider, St. Petersburg, FL$5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)Yes
3.3/5B. Nektar Blackberry Mint Mead, Ferndale, MI$5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)Yes

Important: Some of these menu items may be gluten-friendly, but are unmarked. There may even be some items that can be modified to be gluten-friendly. We recommend asking chefs or qualified staff for confirmation. Here is more information.

tangierine cafe flower and garden menu

Review Disclaimer

When it comes to our reviews and ratings, we thought it would be helpful if you had a better understanding of our personal preferences (what we like and don’t like), along with if there are any dietary restrictions.

Here’s a breakdown of not only who is doing the reviews, but a little more information about what each of us likes and doesn’t like food and drink-wise.

Shannon (Founder)

  • Likes: Almost everything
  • Dislikes: Beers that taste “stinky,” anything too salty
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Heather (Editor)

  • Likes: Strong flavors, anything made out of potatoes, white wines, all beers (especially stouts and wheat beers), doesn’t mind sweet (plain fruit is NOT a dessert. Ever.)
  • Dislikes: Things that are too spicy, anything with a bone still in it, cocktails with too much whiskey or tequila (thanks to having too much fun in college), some red wines, most IPAs
  • Dietary Restrictions: Shellfish allergy

Felicia (Content Manager)

  • Likes: Mezcal, savory drinks, stouts/lagers/wheats/sour beers, vinegar, tart/sour items, chocolate, fresh vegetables and fruits, red meat
  • Dislikes: Ciders, sweet drinks, anything milky or creamy, chili powder, cumin, weirded out by textures, mayonnaise, saucy/wet food, cream-filled pastries, artificial fruit flavors, cooked fruits, frozen items (drinks or ice cream)
  • Dietary Restrictions: None

Allyson (Writer)

  • Likes: Cheesecake (the more sweets, the better), anything mint, hazy IPAs and wheat beers (big beer fan), tofu and most Impossible dishes, mushrooms
  • Dislikes: Wine (only likes a few dry ones), cream ales and stouts/porters, super sweet cocktails, floral flavors (lavender, rose), anything almond-flavored, things that are too spicy, olives, meat and seafood (see below)
  • Dietary Restrictions: Vegetarian (personal choice)

Photos & Reviews

Mediterranean Flatbread

Mediterranean Flatbread with za’atar, artichokes, olives, mozzarella, and feta cheese. This is a new 2022 festival item.

mediterranean flatbread - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $5.75
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 4.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: What an incredible deal. So many great flavors and for not much money.
Heather: Frick yeah! So good. Love the combinations of flavors. This isn’t your “typical” flatbread!
Felicia: The Za’atar sauce is strongly spiced and not my favorite but the flatbread otherwise is delicious. It’s also a good portion for the price and great option for non-meat eaters.
Allyson: So good! Loved this. Great flavor and fresh. Great bang for your buck.

Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta

Vanilla, Rose Water, and Pistachio Panna Cotta.

panna cotta - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $8.00
Special Diets: N/A
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Incredible presentation, great flavors, hard shell on outside with creamy middle.
Heather: Not too often are desserts at the festivals pretty and yummy … but I found this one to be both! Light on flavor, but a nice balance to the spices on the savory items at this booth.
Felicia: Don’t really like this. Only thing I didn’t care for at the booth. The flavor is okay but it’s just a texture thing, all soft. It’s okay.
Allyson: I was unsure of this, but this really surprised me in a good way. It’s not heavy and somewhat refreshing. Also it’s so pretty.

Lamb Kefta Grilled Kebab

Lamb Kefta Grilled Kebab with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli.

lamb kefka kebab - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022
  • Price: $5.75
  • Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly
  • Rating: 4.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Good flavors. Slightly spicy. Strange texture to the lamb.
Heather: They knock it out of the park here. Don’t sleep on these kebabs!
Felicia: This is also very good. Perfectly seasoned, rich flavor, and it’s tender. Chickpea and carrot salad adds a little sweetness and complements the kebab well.

Harissa Chicken Grilled Kebab

Harissa Chicken Grilled Kebab with Carrot-Chickpea Salad and Garlic Aïoli.

harissa chicken kebab - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $5.75
Special Diets: Gluten-Friendly
Rating: 5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Incredibly tender chicken. Delicious flavors. Loved.
Heather: Yes it is “just” chicken but man is it good! Amazing flame kissed flavors of yumminess!
Felicia: Delicious chicken. It’s tender and delicious. The chickpea and carrot salad is both sweet and spiced and complements the chicken well. Nice portion.

Pomegranate Mimosa

This is a Pomegranate Mimosa, but it’s unclear what type or brand of alcohol is featured.

pomegranate mimosa - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $11.00
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.8/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Light and tasty. Enjoyed this as a fun twist on a standard mimosa.
Heather: Good, but man oh man it feels expensive for what it is!
Felicia: Fun twist on a mimosa. Pomegranate pairs well with the sparkling wine and the pomegranate doesn’t overpower everything. Liked it overall.
Allyson: Not the best. It’s tasty but not sure it’s worth the $11.

Playalinda Brewing Company Ginger and Elderberry Ale

A Ginger and Elderberry Ale brewed by Playalinda Brewing Company in Titusville, Florida.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

ginger and elderberry ale - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.5/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Yum yum yum. Perfect combo of light and sweet.
Heather: Holy crap this is good. The aroma of this is such a delight and the flavor?! Amazing.
Felicia: Expected to like this but it just tastes like medicine of some sort. Not a fan.
Allyson: I’m not a ginger fan, but this actually isn’t bad. It’s an interesting flavor combination.

3 Daughters Pomegranate Hard Cider

A Pomegranate Hard Cider made by 3 Daughters in St. Petersburg, Florida.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

pomegranate hard cider - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 4/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Would definitely get this again. Love the light pomegranate flavors.
Heather: My favorite cider of the festival. Wow.
Felicia: Very sweet and not my favorite. If you like ciders and/or sweet alcohol it is good.
Allyson: I really love this. Such good pomegranate flavor and refreshing. Can easily drink this.

B. Nektar Blackberry Mint Mead

Blackberry Mint Mead crafted by B. Nektar in Ferndale, Michigan.
Note: this drink is also available in a flight.

blackberry mint mead - tangierine cafe morocco - flower and garden  2022

Price: $5.00 (6 oz.) / $9.00 (12 oz.)
Made with Alcohol?: Yes
Rating: 3.3/5

Our Thoughts

Shannon: Refreshing but didn’t love the mint on this.
Heather: So freaking good. Run, don’t walk and get this one. The mint is an absolute delight.
Felicia: Don’t generally like or appreciate mead, but thought this was delicious and refreshing. Most mead is very sweet and this isn’t. It’s also carbonated and the mint flavor is strong in a good way.
Allyson: This is interesting and not horrible, but also feels likes drinking mouthwash.

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