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Nassau, Bahamas (Disney Cruise Line Port of Call)

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Nassau, Bahamas (Disney Cruise Line Port of Call)

Disney Cruise Line has several Ports of Call, including one in Nassau, Bahamas. A port of call is just a stop on the itinerary of your cruise and the length of your stay in port varies.

Usually, your ship docks for anywhere from a half-day to a full day. Be sure to check the itinerary pages for estimated onshore and reboarding times for your cruise.

There should also be updated information about your port of call in your daily Personal Navigator Newsletter and Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.

Keep reading to learn more about Nassau as a port of call and what you can expect during your cruise!

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What Is Nassau Known For?

Nassau is the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahama and also the largest city on New Providence Island.

In addition to its beauty, weather, nightlife, and “quirky architecture,” Nassau has plenty of history. Speaking of its past, this piece of information should intrigue Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Pirates once dominated the territory in the 17th century, including Blackbeard!

A lot of Nassau’s history can be discovered in Old Town, where guests can also take in the Caribbean style, colorful buildings, and Bahamian fare.

And, you’ll probably also recognize the major resort Nassau is known for — Atlantis Paradise Island.

Atlantis Paradise Island resort


What Travel Information Should I Know?

From maps, to weather, to currency, to language, there’s different pieces of information you may want to know prior to visiting the Florida city.

Port Map

Here’s a map (courtesy of Google Maps) of Nassau for you to browse.

Average Weather

Average annual weather for Nassau, Bahamas

Courtesy of

Here is a chart of the average annual weather for Nassau, Bahamas via Nassau is the warmest on average in July and the coolest in January.


English is the national language of Nassau and sometimes with British or Bahamian intonations.


The Bahamian dollar and the U.S. dollar are both accepted, along with credit cards and travelers’ checks.

Port WebCam

Port Nassau Web Cam

You can visit for real-time footage of Port Nassau.

Which Ships Sail Here?

The Disney Wonder sails in and out of Nassau, Bahamas.

How Do I Get Around?

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