Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here’s how it works.

(Article last updated: September 6, 2018)

Disney After Hours is a private event at Magic Kingdom offered on select dates. It's not cheap, but it might be worth it for many people.

Here's info on what it is, how much it costs, who should plan to attend, and a suggested itinerary if you plan to go.

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What is Disney After Hours?

Disney After Hours is a separately-ticketed event (meaning it's a ticket that is purchased separate from regular park tickets) that allows people to enter Magic Kingdom at 7 p.m. and stay until midnight or 1 a.m. (ending time varies by date).

Like other separately-ticketed events, you'll be able to enter before the official party start time and there will be a Cast Member at the front of the park with a sign directing guests where to go.

You'll scan your MagicBand or ticket and receive your special "After Hours" lanyard at that time.

IMG 4221 450x600 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

Already planning to be in Magic Kingdom? No worries. You don't have to go all the way back to the front of the park to check-in.

You're able to pick up your After Hours lanyard at stations in the park, like this one in Tomorrowland.

(These Cast Members were the BEST! So much fun!)

IMG 4236 450x600 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

There are a limited number of tickets sold which means one thing: no waits.

Seriously, the park is almost empty and kind of eerily quiet. And you can walk on rides, meet characters, and enjoy treats and bottled beverages (they're included with the ticket!) as you walk through the park.

IMG 4226 450x600 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

Though the ticket allows you to enter at 7:00, the event doesn't begin until 9:00 which means you can do things between 7 and the event starting time that aren't available during the party. Most importantly, that includes fireworks and attractions that won't be open during the event.

IMG 1661 450x600 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

Disney After Hours dates

These are the dates the event is being offered in 2018:

  • Thursday, June 28, 2018*
  • Saturday, June 30, 2018*
  • Saturday, July 7, 2018*
  • Monday, July 9, 2018*
  • Saturday, July 14, 2018*
  • Saturday, July 21, 2018*
  • Saturday, July 28, 2018*
  • Saturday, August 4, 2018*
  • Saturday, August 11, 2018*
  • Thursday, August 30, 2018**
  • Thursday, September 20, 2018**
  • Monday, December 3, 2018*
  • Monday, December 10, 2018*

These are the dates the event is being offered in 2019:

  • Monday, January 7, 2019***
  • Thursday, January 17, 2019***
  • Thursday, January 24, 2019***
  • Monday, January 28, 2019***
  • Thursday, February 7, 2019***
  • Thursday, February 14, 2019**
  • Thursday, February 28, 2019***
  • Thursday, March 7, 2019**

* event takes place from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.
** event takes place 9 p.m. to midnight
***event takes place 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Disney After Hours cost

Effective for all dates after September 20, 2018 there is a slight ($6/ticket) price increase:

New advanced purchase price for tickets to this event are $125 (same price for adults and kids) so it isn't cheap, but might be worth it for many people. If available, same-day tickets are $129 plus tax.

Annual Passholders and Disney Vacation Club members can purchase tickets for $95.

How to get tickets

When it comes time to purchase tickets you have a couple of options:

You can purchase them from a travel professional like the agents at Perfect Story Travel. Just indicate in the notes field that you'd like to buy Disney After Hours tickets and one of the amazing agents there will get back to you ASAP.

Or, if you'd rather, tickets can be purchased online or by calling 407-827-7185.

Who should attend?

Although the price sounds high for just 4-6 hours in the park, I'd suggest it does make sense if you think of it in terms of number of attractions rather than number of hours. You can get more done at the event than you could in a whole day at Magic Kingdom.

For that reason, I'd highly suggest it for people who have short trips and want to fit in as much as possible because it's a really great way to do that.

IMG 4222 e1530968018482 600x572 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

Planning your time

Here's how I'd plan to spend time at this event.

  • Arrive at Magic Kingdom just before 7:00 so you can enter the park as soon as you can.
  • Visit any attractions that won't be open during the event.
  • See the fireworks.
  • Spend most of your time visiting attractions and meeting characters, picking up snacks at kiosks throughout Magic Kingdom as you go.
  • Grab a bottle or two of beverages to take back to your hotel.
  • Have a PhotoPass photographer snap your pic on Main Street on the way out. Gotta take advantage of having almost nobody in the park to clutter up your photo!

PhotoPass Visiting MK 7929352177 400x600 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

Early Morning Magic vs. Disney After Hours

Can't decide which paid event to do? Here's a comparison chart to help.

EMMvsAfterHours 2 - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.

Video: Why Disney After Hours is my favorite event

hqdefault - Disney After Hours dates added for 2019! Here's how it works.


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How far in advance do they release the dates that After hours will be offered. We will be there in March 2019 and is love to get this. It sounds amazing! Can I subscribe to something that will give me alerts when after hours or early morning magic becomes available?

Tasha Toy

I just wanted to let you know that this past Saturday I was in line at 5:55 pm and they let us in at 6 pm. We had an amazing time but at 12 midnight 7DMT still had a 30 min wait.


Does Disney still run buses/monorail back to your resort when the event ends? I’m looking at July 28, which ends at 1am.


Hello i’m considering to buy this tickets. I have a young son and a 1 year baby, we are used to sleeping late. The event is from 10pm to 1 am. June 28th. I went many times to the park and only want that my son ride the attractions. I was a bit concerned by the hot weather for my baby and long queues, and i found this event. Will i be able to enter into the park at 7pm until 1am, those would be 6 hours!!!, almost the same time that i planned to stay with a regular ticket,… Read more »

Michelle ELSBURY

Does Disney do the after hours during Thanksgiving week?

My family and I will be on vacation in Daytona Beach and we want to do this the night it’s offered while we’re there. Do they mail you the tickets for this event or do you have to pick them up at the gate?

Kevin R

Re: Fastpasses – use them for the time period between when you enter and the event starting. Probably only works if you aren’t visiting another park that day.

Kevin R

I took my family to this event in March 2018 and it was amazing. You cannot imagine how few people there are walking around…it is almost weird, but great to go from ride to ride unimpeded. The longest wait during the event was for Pooh and Pan because of how slow they load, but even they were only 10 minutes. One thing we did not know was that we were able to book 3 Fastpasses for that day once we ordered our tickets. You’d presumably be able to do that once you got within the normal window for the summer… Read more »


Kevin, the fastpass situation…My 60 days is approaching, we are doing a resort only stay at the Polynesian and I wanted to add after hours tickets. If I buy before my 60 day mark am I able to book those fastpasses on that 60day?


Any chance they’ll announce more dates for September? There are no dates during our next trip. I’m so bummed!


ME TOO! I am there week 2 and 3 and this would be a great anniversary gift for me and the hubs.


The event that I want to attend starts at 10. Can you still enter at 7 or is it 8 that night?

Christine Bellucci

Is there still magic hour dates as well for guests that are staying @ a WDW resort?

Sherie Grass

We attended After hours just this last January and it was the best thing ever! I want to go Jan or Feb 2019 and plan around an after hours night. When do you think they will announce dates for 2019?

Jenny dunn

Is there anyone who has after hours tickets for March 1 that cannot attend and wants to sell? I messed up and got half our tickets and had the other half in the cart when it sold out 🙁 Looking for 3 adult tickets if possible

Melody Leach

I called about the AP discount. Guest services said anyone holding a discounted ticket must also have a valid AP assigned to them. So, I couldn’t buy discounted tickets for members of my party that are not AP holders.

I hope someday I will get to do this

Alexandria Hepler

In order to get the discounted tickets for the after hours party, only one member of the party has to be an AP holder.

Tracy M

Is there any special merch for sale during the After Hours, any special maps, etc for scrapbooking? Also, is there a limit to the snacks and drinks?

No special things that I can remember, and no limit to the snacks/drinks. Stop at every kiosk if you’d like!

Orenda Talbott

I see a lower ticket price for annual passes listed but am not clear if everyone buying a ticket would need an annual pass for the discount or just the person doing the purchasing.


Hello! I’m wondering if you recall how quickly these sold out last time or if they sell out at all? We are going back and forth and wondering if we can make the decision to go the week we are there. Thanks!


Okay, so I have seen conflicting things about how early you can enter the park. Some people claim as early as 4? Is that possible?

Some separately-ticketed events allow you to enter at 4:00, but this one is 7:00.


We are arriving March 7 and were planning to go MK our first full day on the 8th. Was intentionally planning this as the parks will get busier later in our stay due to the increase in spring break crowds. This is the first I’m seeing that there is after hours option on the 8th, thus wondering if the park will have additional traffic that day and it’s a bad idea to go to MK that particular day??? Thanks much!

Shouldn’t impact crowds in a big way. Be sure to check out recommended parks for each day on the March dashboard – https://wdwprepschool.com/march-at-disney-world/

Have a fantastic trip!


how are these tickets purchased?

Under the “Disney After Hours cost” heading, there’s info on where to purchase.

Kelly N

I was wondering about the logistics of this night. If I am already in the park that day, do I have to exit and come back in? I see in the pictures a lanyard. Are those given at the front gates?


I arrived at 3pm last year and went to town hall to pick up the lanyard. My guess is if you arrive later they may have them by the front gates. I did not have to exit or re-enter


You do not have to exit/reenter.. If you have the lanyard, you can ride the rides and get the snacks… You just need to have the lanyard. We have made dinner reservations for the back of the park, because last year we did waste 1/2 hour of our time fighting the exit crowds leaving the park, as we made our way inside.

Jennifer Harper

We are planning to be in Magic Kingdom January 25th and 26th for our first trip and had planned to stay at least one night until the fireworks. Our kids will be 1 and 5 so we will definitely not stay late at night. How do you think this After House party might affect crowds for these days? We’re trying to figure out which day to stay for fireworks. Do you think it would be wise to see the fireworks on the 25th and head out early on the 26th?


I went the Disney After Hours in February. You won’t notice any crowd change the night of the After Hours. There are not that many tickets sold to the event. I haven’t found the exact number sold each night, but I have read others speculate it’s around 1,000. When I went, I don’t think I saw much more than 100 people, much less a thousand!


Last year, they told us is was ~2500 Tickets sold for the after hours event.. It’s literally an empty park. And the staff is so nice.. Passing out ice cream bars and waters and sodas willy nilly.. The ride operators, just say stay on, if you want! They let us ride on thunder mountain train car as they backed it into the parking spot for the night.. and we rode seven dwarves like 7x in a row without getting off…


Do they list the rides that are open anywhere?

They should have that info available as the dates get closer. I believe they only had a few rides closed last time. The only one that mattered to us was the TTD/PeopleMover so we rode that right after we arrived.


We arrive an January 19 and have purchased tickets for Disney After Hours for the 19th. (Thank you for the great information! We learned about After Hours through wdw prep school) Hoping to gain some advice. My assumption is that the After Hours tickets are an extra ticket in addition to the six-day hopper passes we’ve bought. Would you recommend that we use the After Hour tickets the first day and then use the rest of our tickets for the remaining 6 days of our trip? Or should we jump right in upon our arrival and use our first day… Read more »

I would take a break after you arrive and then head to MK that night for the event. Travel days are always pretty tiring so you’ll appreciate having a bit of downtime before a late night, I think. What an amazing way to kick off a trip!


Do they have dates for this during December? If so any from the 16th-the 22nd?

All of the dates for 2017 and 2018 are in this post. It’s just something they do at the beginning of the year.

Scott Weinfeld

I plan on coming early in the day. Inhave to exit and re enter the park


Do they have this during the summer months? This look amazing!

No, they haven’t offered it in the summer. They only offer it during the less busy months of the year when Magic Kingdom closes early and it gets dark earlier. During the summer, Magic Kingdom is open later to accommodate crowds and to wait for it to get dark for fireworks.


Are all the rides open or is it limited

Hi, Connie – As the post says, not all rides are open during the party so I recommend riding those after entering at 7, but before the party officially begins at 8 or 9 p.m.

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