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Magic Shot Epcot

Magic Shots at Disney World: what they are and how to find them in the parks

If you are new to Disney World or if you haven’t ever paid much attention to Disney’s PhotoPass service you may be thinking that a “Magic Shot” is when somebody at Epcot (over the age of 21, of course) consumes a bit of alcohol out of one of those containers they market as “toothpick holders”. That my friends is just a plain ol’ “shot”. Yes, you may be drinking it at Disney World but it’s still just called a “shot”. OR – maybe you think it has something to do with a bunny rabbit and a person waving a wand

The best age for Disney World: 5 things to consider before your first trip

Trying to find the perfect age to take your child to Disney World is quite understandable. In fact, we get lots of people writing us asking our opinions on what we think the best age for Disney World is. Wanting to go when your kids are likely to enjoy it the most is a totally reasonable goal. We can’t make the decision for you, but we can help. To get you started thinking about what the ideal age is for the little ones in your family, here’s 5 things we think you should consider.