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A New Exhibit Inspired By Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Coming To Epcot In February

HomeA New Exhibit Inspired By Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Coming To Epcot In February
A New Exhibit Inspired By Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Is Coming To Epcot In February

If you want more of Pixar’s Soul in your life, go no further. The Disney Parks Blog announced on Tuesday, Jan. 12 that a brand new exhibit inspired by the animated movie is coming to Epcot’s America pavilion soon.

The exhibit called “The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure” is currently set to debut at the World Showcase pavilion in February 2021.

In the video below, Carmen Smith, Creative Executive  and Vice President Creative Development and Inclusive Strategies at Walt Disney Imagineering revealed that the exhibit will showcase the “colorful and surprising history of jazz.”

You’ll be able to follow Soul‘s main character, Joe Gardner (Jamie Foxx), as he goes on a musical tour across America with several stops along the way, including New Orleans, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and San Juan.

Smith also shared that Disney is “working with some of the top jazz museums across this country from New Orleans to New York” to help create the exhibit.

Like Smith explains, the World Showcase celebrates different cultures and histories. In her words, “Our team is always looking for more stories to tell.”

That’s exactly what they’ll get to do with “The Soul of Jazz” exhibit. “Jazz is the story of America,” Smith said. “It unites people from every walk of life. It’s a living, breathing art form that’s always evolving and always changing.”

“One of my favorite things about Epcot is the fact that it truly celebrates the world in a very authentic way,” Smith also said. “Telling stories about people from every walk of life and when that happens, magic happens.”

There’s so much to see at Epcot in February, including this new exhibit and the modified Festival of the Arts. If you need help planning a trip, contact Small World Vacations.

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