8 things that could be disappointing on Disney World trips – PREP078

There are some things that might come as a surprise to you or not live up to expectations on your Disney World trip. I have 8 of those for you today.

I also have a quick tip about why you might not be able to get FastPass+ reservations right when they open.

These are notes from this episode. There's much more info included in the audio so be sure to listen to the episode for a better explanation.

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8 things that could be disappointing

1. Ride closures
Attractions can close at any point and sometimes there are lots of closures all at once. They usually open up later in the day but it can throw off your touring plans.

2. Weather
Florida weather can be volatile with extreme heat, cool temperatures, and sometimes torrential rain. Be sure to check the forecast beforehand so you'll know what to expect.

3. Transportation
Disney transportation can often take a long time which is why I usually recommend allowing an hour each way.

4. Wait times (even though you have reservations)
Even if you've made dining or FastPass+ reservations, you can end up having a bit of a wait. This varies by attraction and the time that you're eating.

5. Strollers
Although strollers are very helpful with alleviating kids from 10+ miles per day of walking, they can be a pain to fold up every time you get on a bus, to park outside of each attraction, and to track down after exiting an attraction (especially since Cast Members often move them).

6. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
The newest ride at Disney World is one that everybody wants to ride, and it's beautifully themed and charming, but it doesn't last very long and may not live up to expectations.

7. Illuminations
This show doesn't pack the same punch that Wishes or Fantasmic do, although understanding the story is helpful in appreciating it.

8. Be Our Guest dinner
This is probably the most difficult dining reservation to get and experiences here vary a lot. Some come away having loved it, but many find the food and service disappointing.

Quick tip of the day

If any of the parks are open after midnight eastern time on the night that you're scheduled to begin making your FastPass+ reservations, you'll have to wait until they are closed to begin making them. Update - You can now make your FastPass+ reservations at 7 a.m. eastern time.

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