The top 5 WDW Prep posts of 2013

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The top 5 WDW Prep posts of 2013As we come to the end of 2013, I wanted to take time to call out the most popular posts on the site this year. Since I post 3 times a week, content that is helpful often gets buried for new visitors.

If you didn't happen to catch these posts when they were new, be sure to take a few minutes to check them out today.

Counting down the top 5 posts...

5. A peek inside my Disney World binder

This post is all about the binder I used to organize my Disney World planning info and has over 100 links to info you might want to download to put inside your binder.

Although this info was published last year, it has continued to bring in lots of new readers this year. I think this post is the perfect one to attract the kind of people that this site is perfect for - organized people who like nice things (lots of you have ordered my custom-designed binder!) and maybe have a touch of OCD at times.


4. The ultimate Disney World packing list

ultimatepackinglistsmallAhhh, the oft-misunderstood packing list. I've used a version of this list for 10 years and lots of people have been able to use it for their trips as well.

The intent of the list is just to help remind you of things so you don't head out on your trip constantly wondering what you forgot. Fun fact: 1 person took it literally and packed EVERYthing on the list. Every time I try to picture that, it cracks me up.

FYI - I just added a Google Docs version of the packing list so it can now be downloaded in that format as well as PDF and Microsoft Word.


3. About the Disney Dining Plan (and how to get it for free)

The only things more surprising than how many people want info on Free Dining is how many people spell it "dinning" and want to know when it'll be announced for summer.

Free Dining is traditionally a fall promotion and it's very, very popular. Disney seems to be trending toward using their "Stay, Play and Dine" promotion more now which allows adults to use kid's prices on tickets and the Disney Dining Plan.


2. 20 unique Disney World souvenir ideas

People seem to love knowing what souvenir options they have outside of the typical tourist trinkets (20 points for alliteration). The comment section is full of even more good ideas, making this a really useful post for people looking for things to shop for during their trip.


1. The pros and cons of every Disney World resort

And coming in at #1 with over a quarter million views this year is the pros and cons list for all of the Disney World resorts. This was the post that made me realize that people really like hearing both sides rather than reading the sales copy that you get from Disney or the negativity that comes from other sources.

After this post, I created many pros/cons lists, including ones that cover nearly every Disney World restaurant.



Did you find some new info from this list? Do you have suggestions for things I should write about in 2014?

I'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments.