The 6 best Quick Service restaurants at Disney World

(Article last updated: October 23, 2014)

Some people can't imagine eating Quick Service because it's repetitive.

Some people only want to do Quick Service and can't imagine sitting down for lots of meals.

Here are the pros/cons of eating at Quick Service restaurants and the best Quick Service options at Disney World to make both groups happy...

Pros and Cons of Quick Service

The pros of eating Quick Service include: quick (duh), less expensive, can be more spontaneous.

The cons are: no characters at the meals, there can be long lines since reservations aren't allowed, and the food can get repetitive at many of them (though none of the ones I've listed below have similar menus so you can avoid that).

1. Wolfgang Puck Express (in Downtown Disney)

wolfgang puck express gourmet pizza

Whether you're on the Disney Dining Plan or paying out-of-pocket, this restaurant is a really, really good choice. The pasta and pizza are amazing. Our family can usually get away with 2 pizzas which makes for a pretty inexpensive meal.

Price range: ~ $15 for all entrees
Tips: try the Margherita pizza
Link to menu

2. Columbia Harbour House (in Magic Kingdom)


This restaurant is located near Haunted Mansion in Magic Kingdom and has some unique soup and sandwich menu options and if you go upstairs to eat, you can usually find a quiet place to relax and take a break (and since taking a break is 1 of the reasons many people book Table Service restaurants, this is a good Quick Service alternative that will allow you to do the same).

Price range: $8-10
Tips: the Anchors Aweigh tuna sandwich is popular and delicious
Link to menu

3. Be Our Guest Lunch (in Magic Kingdom)

Be Our Guest
Photo credit

At dinner, this restaurant is a Table Service meal (the hardest one to get in all of WDW right now and I'm not so sure it's worth all of the trouble) but at lunch, it's my favorite Quick Service in Disney World.

The menu contains lots of French options. If you have picky eaters in your group, make sure you look at the menu beforehand. We were once in line in front of a couple with kids and the woman said to me "Maui Maui? What kind of kid eats that?"

I'm not sure a kid could eat an island but maybe they would like some fish.

Since this restaurant is still new, lines tend to grow really fast. Lining up to eat at 10:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. is your best best for avoiding long lines.

Price range: $9-14
Tips: With the new FastPass+ system, you can actually get a FastPass here to avoid the lines.
Link to menu

4. Sunshine Seasons (in Epcot)

Slow-roasted Pork Chop and mashed potatoes

This restaurant is in the same building as Soarin' in the Future World section of Epcot and has a huge variety of great options from Asian food to rotisserie meats to vegetarian options and a bakery. Although I've always liked my food here and found it worth the effort, it's often very busy so you might want to plan to arrive just before or after the lunch or dinner rush (around 11:00 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4:30-5 p.m.).

The Future World section lacks many Quick Service options so this is where I'd definitely recommend eating if you find yourself in Future World and wanting to grab a bite to eat, especially if you can plan it around riding Soarin'.

Price range: $8-13
Tips: try the rotisserie pork chop
Link to menu

5. Flame Tree Barbecue (in Animal Kingdom)

Flame Tree Barbecue

The truth is that I think just about every single Quick Service at Animal Kingdom is good (by contrast, I don't really like any Quick Service at Hollywood Studios enough to put them on this list). I've chosen to call out Flame Tree because the food smells so good, it tastes delicious and the seating is unique with a view of the water.

Price range: $9-12
Tips: silverware and napkins are located in the various pavilions where you can sit to eat, try the pork sandwich or ribs
Link to menu

6. Earl of Sandwich (in Downtown Disney)

Holiday Sandwich

Confession: I've never eaten at Earl of Sandwich, despite being a huge fan of sandwiches. The problem is that the rest of my family isn't into eating good sandwiches so we always end up at Wolfgang Puck Express which is very close by.

I've included it on this list because everybody else seems to have eaten here and loves it and raves about it and puts it on their list so it would be remiss to not mention it.

Price range: all sandwiches, salads and wraps are $6.49
Tips: the sandwich I've heard the most about is the Holiday Turkey Sandwich which used to be offered seasonally and it's now offered year round. It has hot turkey, stuffing, cranberry, and mayonnaise served on a roll (Thanksgiving dinner on bread, basically).
Link to menu


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caroline Barr

Can a child who’s actually using an adult dining plan,order off children’s menus? Or is it best to pay for her meal and keep her entitlement? Our eldest daughter will be 11 when we go and I think some restaurants for sit down will not suit her.


Our children are ages 9 and 10, we are going to Disney in January 2016, we are planning to lie about their ages, so they can both be classified as adults in the meal plan. It’s crazy that you would pay the same price for children 9yrs and younger! All these postings are helpful in my research – so much to know before going to maximize our valuable time there! Can’t wait!!!!


We just came back a few weeks ago and hands down the best counter service we’ve had at WDW (this was our 5th trip) was at Starring Rolls at Hollywood Studios. There’s not a large variety at ALL. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s just pre-made sushi platters, and ham and turkey sandwiches. But I had the turkey and the daughter had the ham and they both were some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Not only that, but this is the home to the infamous Butterfinger cupcake, which you can get as the dessert with the dining plan.

I’ve eaten at all of the above, excepting Columbia Harbor, and while the rest are good choices, I still say Starring Rolls beat them all.

im surprised no one said bongo Cuban cafe express! Absolutely amazing Cuban sandwich and the kids “chicken bites” we’re real and they loved them. The portions of the adults and kids were huge and at $10 for adults and$8 for kids a family of 4 could share lunch and eat for $20. This is located at Disney springs next to Wolfgang puck express.


I am looking to use a snack credit at Magic Kingdom for breakfast. I was planning on going to the Main Street Bakery, but I am really turned off my the Starbucks franchise. Correct me if I am wrong, I heard the Bakery has Starbucks drinks and baked goods at it (coming from the actually franchise- not Disney). Do you have any suggestions for other places I could grab a delicious snack for breakfast in Magic Kingdom?


At Old Key West Resort, you can use a snack for biscuits with sausage gravy, you get two biscuits with the snack credit. Its really a large and hardy breakfast that stays with you, you can then have your quick service for lunch and dinner.


Now that they allow reservations at BOG, is that still consider Quick Service or is it a Table Service if you have a reservation?


You probably have your answer somewhere else by now, but in case you don’t…it is still considered Quick Service for lunch. But you can make an ADR for it, and order your meal ahead of time. This makes checking in a LOT faster. They give you a plastic rose with a locator in it, so when your food is made, they bring it right to you. I definitely recommend it!


I always really enjoy Sunshine Seasons. Also, last time my husband and I were in Orlando we stopped by downtown Disney to grab breakfast before we headed out of town. We ended up eating at Wolfgang Puck Express. The food was delicious and the service was awesome! We were very pleased and my make that a ritual stop when leaving every Disney trip!


After a little advice.

We’re heading to WDW at the beginning of June from the UK for the first time ever, with our 4 year old son.

Are the portion sizes generally pretty hefty? Do you know if we’d be allowed to just purchase 2 adult dining plans and then share with him? All 3 of us are pretty lite eaters, and it just seems like a lot of money.


This is surely too late for you, but possibly something to think about for next time. It does sound like buying out of pocket would be best for you, however, keep this is mind too because it might work for you: While you have to buy the dining plan for your child, you don’t have to use it on them for quick service meals. So if you’re getting the dining plan that gives you two quick service meals and a snack, you can use his quick service credits for yourself and do additional meals, while you pay for him (a la cart, so you don’t have to buy anything but what he’ll eat). On the DDP, there’s no differentiation between adult and child. This IS NOT true for Table Service, but it is for Quick. We do this with our daughter. She’s 11 and has to get the adult meal plan, but she’s picky and would rather have the kid’s meal at a lot of places. It’s a waste of money to use an adult credit to get a kid’s meal. So we use her un-used credits for ourselves and buy her the kid’s meal out of pocket. Just something to think about. 🙂


Hi becky.

We had this and no you can’t 🙂 any one over 3 must pay for the dining plan.

If your light eaters it might be better for you to pay out of pocket.. We did and shared a lot of meals as they were so big 🙂


What is BOG that everyone is talking about??

Amanda Braun

Be Our Guest Restaurant


I read that you can use the Kids Quicker Service credits for Adult meals instead of kids meals. Is this still the case with the MagicBands? I’m hoping it is as my kids would MUCH rather eat the adult meals then the kid menu options. We are looking into getting the Quick Service Meal Plan and I want to make sure I understand how it works. I had read that you have to order two times for a family of 4 (2Adults,2kids) because they would only let you ring up 2 adult meals at a time? Just want to make sure the info is current and accurate so we don’t end up getting stuck with kid quick service meals at the end of our trip.


Just checking to see if anyone knows if it’s still working order adult counter service meals with kids counter service credits. We are leaving for Disney this week! Thanks much.


We ate at Wolfgang Puck Express (in Downtown Disney) several times and really enjoyed that place, not only for the food but also the excellent care provided therein.

With the Quick Service you can refill your sodas.
Nosotros comimos en Wolfgang Puck Express (in Downtown Disney) varias veces y la verdad es que no solo disfrutamos de la comida sino también de la excelente atención que brindan en dicho lugar.

Con el Quick Service incluso, las bebidas son de canilla libre (gaseosas).


We liked the ABC Commissary at DHS. My daughter and I had the quinoa salad with salmon and I think the boys had burgers and such. It was pretty good!
I love all of these recommendations. 🙂


The one group of restaurants that everyone left out was at some of the hotels. You can go there even if you aren’t staying at that particular hotel. Most have some type of food court with fruit and veggies along with better options for kids.


CHH and Sunshine Seasons is two of our favorites as well. Also, Casey’s Corner is my favorite! They have the most amazing Corndog nuggets! My husband and I share his side of fries and its perfect. Also, pizzafari at animal kingdom is super yummy!


We LOVE BOG (both lunch and dinner). We will make special trips to MK just for lunch there! We usually wait about 30 min from the time we get in line to the time we have finished ordering, but the food is usually delivered quickly and has always been delicious! Plus, free refills in the MK! We are also huge fans of Pecos Bill and Casey’s Corner (who can eat a hot dog from Casey’s alone? We sure can’t!), and DH and his parents really like Cosmic Rays. I can take it or leave it. I’ve had some really good meals there, but I’ve also had food that was only semi-good.

We are also fans of the Backlot Express at DHS. While we are easy to please (chicken nuggets and burgers are just fine with us!), we really like the chicken nuggets at Backlot. They have the best honey mustard sauce on property – sweet instead of tangy/mustard-y, and they also have ranch and bbq dipping sauce (nice to change it up sometimes). Their marble cheesecake is a great way to end a QS meal, too. Plus, free refills and air conditioning! Not a huge fan of other QS @ DHS, though.

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