Sunday night Q&A FAQs

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Do I really have to plan so much for a Disney World trip?

There are relaxing trips and then there's Disney World trips. Probably 90% of people don't plan but people who do plan are usually able to eat everywhere they want to eat and avoid standing in long lines. I'd suggest working through my 6 step planning process to help make the process more manageable and less overwhelming.

I have so many questions about Memory Maker. How does it work?

My post on how Memory Maker works should clear some things up.

I wasn't able to get FastPass+ to meet Anna and Elsa or to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train even though I was online at midnight 60 days beforehand. Now what?

Many or most people end up in this position. Check out my advice on how to get difficult FP+ reservations for other options.

How do I get a get a reservation at Be Our Guest?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available here. Check out my Be Our Guest reservation tips for more info.

How will I know what discounts will be offered for my trip?

Although it's impossible to know what Disney will do for sure, you can use this 4 year history of discounts to see when/what discounts have been offered.

What are the best stroller options?

Depends on your child. I generally recommend that if you bring your own stroller if you're used to using one at home and that you rent one if your child no longer uses one at home but isn't capable of comfortably walking 6-12 miles per day. You can see the various stroller rental options at

What's the weather like in November/December/January/February? How should I dress?

It can be quite chilly during those months and you'll want to have a jacket for morning and evenings but might be able to take it off mid-day. I usually dress in a t-shirt and capris pants and then have the jacket available when temps are cooler.

When I log in to my My Disney Experience account, it says I don't have park tickets but I do. Will I be able to make FastPass+ reservations?

If you booked a package, this is normal and your account will magically open up at midnight eastern time 60 days before your trip begins. If you did not book a package, make sure your park tickets are linked. If you're still having issues, call My Disney Experience tech support at 407-939-7765.

Is Memory Maker worth it?

I generally think it's worth it for longer trips (5+ days), people who want the ride photos and people who will make sure to stop and get PhotoPass pics in the parks. A new feature is available to people with Memory Maker that includes on-ride videos as well (currently available on Tower of Terror and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train but will be rolling out to other rides as well).

Do I have to have park tickets to make dining reservations?

No, but you do have to have park tickets to make FastPass+ reservations.

What dates in 2015 or 2016 do you recommend? What are the crowds like?

My favorite times to go are April (the weeks that are not near Easter), early May, September and late October. You can see my 2015 chart or my 2016 chart for my predicted crowd levels.

What time do I have to get on the bus to be to the parks before park opening?

I'm always at the bus stop 1 hour before the parks open and to the parks around 30-40 minutes before park opening. If your plans work out well, this should be the longest wait of the day.

Should I get the Disney Dining Plan?

Depends on how you eat. Check out my post on maximizing DDP credits to see if makes sense for you.

Where should I watch the nighttime parade, Celebrate the Magic castle projection show, and Wishes fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

If you want to pick 1 spot, watch them all near Casey's Corner. If you want 3 different spots, I'd do Frontierland for the parade, The Hub for the projection show and the front of the park for the fireworks which will allow for an easy exit from the park after the fireworks end. See my viewing suggestions for maps and more info.

If I'm on the Disney Dining Plan, do I still need to tip?

Yes, yes, yes! Tipping should be based on the actual total of the bill (15-20% is standard). You can charge it to your room, pay cash, use a credit card, etc. See my tipping advice for more info.

How long should I allow for character meals?

I'd allow 60-90 minutes for character meals because it can take awhile to get checked in and for the characters to make their way to your table.