Photography ideas and tips for your Disney World trip

Although I like taking and looking at trip pics, I don't know much about what it takes to get great photos.

Today, I've gathered some of the best resources I've found to help learn how to not only take great Disney World trip pics, but also great ideas for using your photos to create keepsakes from your trip.

Let's take a look...

Photos inside of lettering

Disney event photography (basically, a private photographer you can hire to take pics during your trip) has some products for sale, including these framed pieces of photos inside of lettering which they call "fine art letter portraits."


These cost about $200 each (with the frame) but you could probably figure out a way to do it for much less if you know how to use a graphics editing program.

Character autographs on Polaroid pics

I really like this keepsake which involves taking Polaroid pics with the characters and then having them sign the developed photo.

Photo credit

Not sure where to get a Polaroid camera? Amazon has several including the Polaroid 300 Instant Camera PIC-300B which gets 4.5 star reviews and costs $70.


Capturing good pics at character meals

Character meals are fun but getting pics can be awkward since there isn't a defined area to pose, the lighting can vary and there are lots of other people nearby.

There's a great tutorial on on how to get good pics at character meals.

Tips include things like which seats to request, what to do when characters get to your table and how to focus your camera.


Photography letters

You can buy pics like the one below in various places including this Etsy shop, but you might also just want to use it as inspiration for pics on your trip.


Think of what word you'd like to spell out (your last name, "Disney World," etc.) and then keep an eye out for things that form the shape of those letters during your trip.

Taking great ride photos

More and more people are taking advantage of PhotoPass which includes ride photos on a CD so it might be fun to plan ahead to try to get better quality photos.

This tutorial on taking good ride photos includes helpful info on where to look on popular rides, seats to avoid so you don't disappear in the pics and many other tips.



Do you have other ideas or tips that you'd add? I'd love to hear your ideas. Please leave them in the comments.

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My new phone has a stylus (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) and I’m thinking about taking a pic on my cell and them having characters sign my cell phone on the picture. Modern Polaroid idea.

kelly z

We haven’t gone to WDW yet, but tjese are just the type of tips I was looking for, as a first-timer.

kelly z



Would you know what kind of polaroid camera they used? I have a polaroid camera but I think that the white space leftover would be too small for characters to sign it so I would like to know what kind of polaroid camera they used.

Consider hiring a vacation photographer for a couple hours! 😀

My tip is: Always take the photo. It might seems like an insignificant moment, but you’re at WDW. EVERYTHING is significant. And the moment won’t repeat.

Also? If you see someone taking a photo of their family, offer to let them be in it. Always. Just do it. Rarely do they turn you down.


I always ask during my week at Disney andi always wait to ensure it comes out like they want. 🙂 it shows my son how to be mindful of others and help.


Such a great suggestion! In our family I’m always the one behind the camera, so this really hits home for me.


awesome idea! i love it when people take pictures for us! none the less asking to!

Angela from Ohio

We also enjoy wearing coordinating outfits for the character meals. Not matchy matchy but navy blue, dark green and purple together. The pictures turn out great.

Becca Pacini

I love looking for the photo ops Disney has put there for us to use. Downtown Disney has many spots and a favorite is where its Mickey and the gang with snow and Christmas trees. Great Christmas card spot! Hollywood Studios with the singing in the rain umbrella as you mentioned. My kids loved that and we got great photos! I watch how the Disney photographers pose and place people for their photos and then do it myself or ask them for that shot with my camera. I can’t wait to go back in January and look for more photo spots!


BAH! Taking a good on ride photo?? Where’s the fun in that???


Awesome, Shannon! Thank you! So excited!!!!!! 4 more days!


Love the Character autographs on Polaroid pics!! This would be great for kids to make their on scrapbook!! Or small enough to put the pic in the autograph books.

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