How to add, edit, and copy FastPass+ reservations in My Disney Experience

Navigating the My Disney Experience system can be confusing, so today I have info on the best way to use it to get the FastPass+ reservations you want, and how to modify them later if you'd like.

Let's get started...

Before you make FastPass+ reservations

A few things to note:

  • You must have park tickets purchased and linked in your My Disney Experience account before you can make FastPass+ reservations.
  • People who made room-only reservations and did not buy their tickets as part of a package can practice these steps ahead of time. Just be sure to cancel all FastPass+ reservations you've made while testing. You can do that my going to My Disney Experience > FastPass+ > Cancel FastPass+.
  • Browser functionality for My Disney Experience (whether it's on desktop, mobile, or tablet) works much better than the My Disney Experience app.

Now, scroll down to read how to do various things with FastPass+ in My Disney Experience, or jump right to the section you need with the links below.

Adding FP+ reservations | Modifying FP+ reservations | Copying FP+ reservations

How to get new FastPass+ reservations

These are the steps to use when using a browser on a desktop, mobile, or tablet.

1. Make sure you're logged in to My Disney Experience

2. Click on My Disney Experience and then FastPass+

3. Click the New FastPass+ button

4. Select the names of all of the people in your group and then click Next.

I'd recommend selecting all names when first making FastPass+ reservations, even if some will have different reservations later.

5. Choose the park and date you want.

(Note: if you're online as soon as FastPass+ opens for your dates and want a FP+ for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Anna/Elsa, jump to that day first.)

6. Select the 3 FastPass+ you want and the click Next. If you plan to get different FP+ for members of your party later, choose the more difficult FP+ now.

If you're getting FP+ at Epcot or Hollywood Studios, you'll be asked to choose 1 from the top tier, and 2 from a lower tier.

7. You'll be given 4 options with different times. Choose the best option that's closest to the order and times you want, and then click Next. We'll work to modify these times later to get what you want.

8. Now you can tweak the times by clicking Modify next to any FP+ reservations you'd like to change.

9. To keep the same 3 experiences but change the time, select the new time, uncheck the names of anybody you don't want to use the new time, and then click Update. The people you uncheck will retain the old time for their FP+ reservation.

To change the attraction for some or all of your group, click the Change Experience button.

You will be prompted to select a new attraction, then the available times will pop up. Uncheck the names of anybody who you don't want to use this new experience and then click Update. Anybody you uncheck will be able to keep the previous FP+ reservation.

How to modify existing FastPass+ reservations

After you make your FastPass+ reservations, you might want to change your selections to a new experience or time. In fact, I recommend doing that if you're in the parks and show up for a FastPass+ that has a short standby line, in which case I suggest getting in the standby line, then getting out your phone and changing the FP+ to something else later in the day.

Note: if you're trying to change an existing FP+ reservation to something hard-to-get (like Anna/Elsa or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train), perhaps because you've heard there's availability using a site like The Dibb, be aware that availability might not show up if you already have something scheduled during the times that are available.

Once again, I'd suggest doing these through a browser as it's much easier that way.

1. Make sure you're logged in to My Disney Experience

2. Click on My Disney Experience and then FastPass+

3. Select the Update FastPass+ button

4. Select the date you'd like to change and then click Continue

5. Select the Change Experience button or the Select New Time link to make your changes.

If you're changing the time, select the new time you want, uncheck the names of anybody you don't want to use the new time, and then click Update. The people you uncheck will retain the old time for their FP+ reservation.

If you chose the Change Experience button, you will be prompted to select a new attraction, then the available times will pop up. Uncheck the names of anybody who you don't want to use this new experience and then click update. Anybody you uncheck will be able to keep the previous FP+ reservation.

How to copy FastPass+ reservations

One good trick for getting difficult FastPass+ reservations if you can't get them for your whole group is to try to get a FP+ for 1 person in your group and then try to copy it over to others.

From a browser on your desktop, mobile, or tablet, here's how to do that:

1. Make sure you're logged in to My Disney Experience

2. Click on My Disney Experience and then FastPass+

3. Click the Add Friends and Family to existing FastPass+ link

4. Select the date you'd like to add a person/people to an existing FP+ and then click continue

5. Select who you'd like to copy from and click Next.

6. Then select who you'd like to copy to and click Next.

7. Confirm your changes and then click Next.

Note that their FastPass+ reservations will be overridden when you do this.


Still have questions on how to manage FastPass+ reservations in My Disney Experience? Or have another suggestion for an MDE tutorial? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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Really helpful instructions which I used to be prepared for our FP+’s today
We got everything we wanted and Im sure knowing what to expect and planning for that helped, thanks


Hi, i was wondering how do i print my fast passes?


Hi! If you are linked with another family but you are not their “plan manager” can you still book everyone’s fastpasses?


Is the copy function still available for fast pass? I don’t see it~ I have a Mine Train fast pass for me but when I try to modify & add my other members- it says it is not available! Can I copy another way? Thank you


We are a party of 11 on 2 different reservations, and my brother’s family is actually arriving the morning after us (driving & we are flying in late the evning before). So, our FP+ opens the day before theirs. We have everything linked on My Disney Experience, as we did dining reservations together, have the new photopass option, etc. Is it possible for me to do the FP+ for all of us, or does my brother’s family need to wait til the next day?

Mark Woodcock

I have a question about fastpass+. We haven’t been to WDW for some years when my youngest had a 3-9 non expiring ticket. now she is 13 I will go to change the ticket for a 10+ when I get to Orlando. However will any fastpass+ reservations that I make with the 3-9 child ticket on MDE 30 days out be carried over to the new 10+ ticket when I exchange them or will they be lost?


We are planning our Disney trip and I was wondering how close together can your fast passes be? Can we get them 60 minutes apart?


There are 4 adults going with two children, can the adults share their fast passes with the kids if we have cards and not the bands?


I am nearing my 60 day (Dec 27th) mark when I can obtain my fast passes. At what exact time does the “my Disney experience” open? Is it midnight on the 27th or does it start that morning? I want to make sure we are able to get the fastpasses and times that we want. Thanks


Hi Michelle,
I believe that you would stay up late the night of the 26th so that at midnight (27th) you would begin making your fast pass selections. But keep in mind that’ WDW works on Eastern time. So, I’m in Texas and will technically get on at 11:00 pm my time (central).
(Shannon and Heather, please confirm/ correct me if I’m wrong).


How do I get hard copies of my fast pass reservations or do I show reservation on phone? Thanks


Hi Ed,
I believe you would present your ticket (in card or magic band form) as you enter the fast pass queue in order for the attendant to grant you access to that line, based on what fast passes you previously reserved. ( Shannon and Heather, please confirm/ correct me if I’m wrong)


We are coming from the UK next July and staying offsite so will be able to book 30 days ahead of time. We will be getting the ‘credit card’ style tickets from our agent but have heard that you can buy magic bands from certain locations in the parks and have fast pass+ information copied onto them. As I am concerned about my family losing things (it was so much less to worry about when it was just a single printed fast pass for each ride rather than the whole ticket you were entrusting your kids with if we choose different attractions) if we bought the magic bands would the original cards still work too if we needed a backup? Thank you so much for all your wonderful advice 🙂


Hi – we are Disney first timers and are staying in a Disney hotel on site – this was booked as ‘Room Only’.
Our tickets have been purchased separately.
Both were booked through a holiday dealer on our behalf.
My question is are we able to get our FastPass bookings 60 days or 30 days in advance?
My Disney experience account has the hotel booking linked but doesn’t know we have tickets purchased.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


We are traveling w/ ten people, three are small children who must meet A&E….no pressure. Is it best to try and book fast pass for 4 (three kids and 1 adult) or just go for the full group? Wondering if it’s similar to dining in that small groups seem easier to book.


We have breakfast reservations nearly everyday of our trip and I was wondering what time should I try to get my first fast pass of the day? Most of the breakfast are 9:40am reservations, one is 8:40am.


I canceled one of my Fastpasses leaving me with only 2 for the day. How can I book another? I want to keep the two I have already scheduled.


I also have this same question. Were you able to select another?


If you have to cancel an existing package for which you made fastpass reservations and then rebook a package over some of the same dates, will the Fastpass reservations remain and be to link to the new reservation? Or, would they automatically cancel?


I am not at my 60 days yet, but I got in to check out the Fastpass stuff to familiarize myself….. We have 2 little ones under 3….. I thought that everyone needed Fastpasses, but it won’t let me add them bc they don’t have tickets….. Please help


Looking through some other sites for FastPass+ information, I stumbled upon something scary that I don’t remember reading anywhere else… is it true that fast pass times can’t overlap? For example, can I make a reservation for Kilimanjaro Safaris at 9:40 and one for Expedition Everest at 10:30, or would it not allow me to choose those times because they are within the same hour? I usually come back here to fact check things like this, but couldn’t find the answer. Thanks for all the great info!


Thanks. I have a month until I need to grab them, so I have time to adjust everything! I just know I am going to need a plan A, B, and C for this trip. LOL


Our first “day” at WDW will actually be MNSSHP…are we able to do FP+ reservations for that day? Since those tickets were purchased outside of the regular ticket package, I wasn’t sure how that would work. Thanks!


If you only have MNSSHP tickets you can still book FPs for the 3 hours (4-7) before the party starts that you are allowed in the party (I did this last night as a matter of fact). So you can book 3 FPs for 3:30-4:30, 4:30-5:30, 5:30-6:30.


This is exactly what I needed! Thanks. My fast pass has not opened yet. When I press on it though, if only comes up with my name, saying valid park admission required. It doesn’t show my husband or children. Is this normal? When we can book, will they show up too?


My tickets (bought as a part of a package) weren’t showing up as linked to my reservation when it was time for me to set up FastPass+. I had to call Guest Services to link them. The woman I talked with said it happens every now and then. It was a simple fix, but I still spent 19 minutes on the phone, so be prepared. If you can manage to fix the problem before your FP+ reservation window opens up, it will save you some panic. That said, I was still able to get the FP I wanted even though I had a late start.


Thanks! Today is the day, so I will wait and hope…..


Did the other people show up when it was time? I am having the same issue right now!

Tammy Pennell

Is there a way to check out FP availability in another park without cancelling your current FPs? I’m thinking of switching parks but won’t if I can’t get the FPs I want.

MacKenzie Vattimo

I have a tip for those who wish to get a “difficult” fast pass. When I booked mine in a group of three, the “difficult” fp would make all of the passes come at a late time. For example, I booked Seven Dwarts, Peter Pan, and Dumbo during my first attempt. It gave me all of the rides rather late because that was the first time that Seven Dwarfs was available. However, I accepted the time that the system gave me, and then I immediately changed my time it was able to move the Peter Pan and Dumbo times to an earlier part of the day. Of course my fast passes were spread out, so it was harder to get the fourth pass, but I was going with a large group, so I thought it was worth it. So to recap: the tip is to accept the first times that you are offered, and then go back and change them if you wish to visit those rides earlier in the day. The system is going to give you times with all of them close together.


This reminded me… it may be a detailed process… is there a way to “link” two separate Disney reservations? I’m traveling with my boyfriend (so my MyDisneyExperience account has the both of us on it) and we’re meeting family (4 other people under their own MyDisneyExperience account). We have one dinner booked for 6 people under my MyDisneyExperience account. Is there a way to get that same reservation under the rest of my family’s account as well?

Stephanie Biedenbender

What does “opens for my dates” mean? We are going to WDW sept. 14-18. Will the whole week open 60 days before the 14th or will each day open one at a time as they reach the 60 day mark?


Looking at the Dibbs site, (most of which are not items I would fast pass except for Toy Story Mania) it seems fastpasses are available well past the 60 day mark and many after the 30 day mark (and this is during summer with peak crowds). Staying off site in a nicer but less expensive hotel is starting to look much more attractive and feasible. Has anyone found it too much a burden to get fastpasses scheduled in 30 days or less before arrival??? Is this stay on site to book 30 days prior just a “scare tactic” (I meant to say marketing ploy, I promise) to encourage us all to stay onsite? I keep hearing about the bubble… but what is wrong with coming and going from the bubble as one pleases? Is there something I am missing?


Thanks…first trip so we are inclined to stay on site at least some of the time…we r renting a car so the free parking is a bigger draw for staying on site than fastpasses…mainly tho I really want to treat my wife to a romantic stay at POR! Thanks for all your tips


This may be a fluke, but…we had our trip booked for December and decided on a whim to change to July. We booked the July trip on May 29- well past the 180 day and 60 day marks. We were able to get EVERY ADR we wanted, including BOG and Chef Mickey’s at great times and also got a FP+ for Anna and Elsa the first MK day of our trip. Again, this may be a fluke, but it seemed extremely easy to get everything we wanted even though we weren’t online at midnight at 180 and 60 days.


Thank you for doing this. As a first timer, I was getting nervous at not knowing how any of this would play out when I log in that night. Got to make sure we get Ana and Elsa!!


So I’m not following how to “practice”. When I log on to MDE, even though we have a package, it doesn’t show anybody else in my party except me to “choose names ” and it also says I don’t have any tickets. I called WDW tech support, and they told me that I won’t see the option to add Fastpass until 60 days out. Any ideas? Suggestions?


Do you know if there is any way to do this on the new fast pass + reservations? I was only about to book FP for one when I need it for two.

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