How Magical Express works at Disney World

(Article last updated: April 5, 2017)

So, you've made your resort reservations and booked your flights. Now, how will you get from the airport to your resort?

Thankfully, Disney has thought about that and offers their own transportation called Magical Express.

Here's how it works...

What is Magical Express?

Magical Express is a service that operates 24/7 and provides free bus transportation between Orlando International Airport and Disney World resorts (not including the Swan, Dolphin or Shades of Green). The service will also transport your luggage so you don't have to, but you can choose to transport your own luggage if you'd like.

What to do before your trip

How Magical Express Works at Disney World

  • Sign up for service. When you book your trip, you can specify that you want to use Magical Express and input your flight info if you have it. If you don't specify this info when you book, you can go to to sign up, at least 10 days before your trip begins (preferably much earlier - weeks in advance if you can).
  • Get luggage tags and vouchers by mail. If you live in the U.S. or Canada*, you will receive vouchers and luggage tags a couple of weeks before your trip that will need to go on each piece of luggage that you want them to retrieve from the baggage carousel and take to your resort (you'll receive 1 tag per person but if you need more than that, call 866-599-0951 to let them know you need more). If you want to get your own bags and carry them to the bus, you won't need to use the luggage tags. People who arrive after 10 p.m. must retrieve their own luggage and will not be able to use the luggage delivery service.
    Didn't get the tags in the mail or forget to put them on your bags? As long as you arrive in Orlando between 5:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., you can provide your baggage claim numbers upon arrival at Magical Express, and they’ll get your bags for you.
    * People outside of the U.S. and Canada will not receive vouchers and luggage tags in the mail, but can still use Magical Express. These people will find it easier to retrieve their own bags at baggage claim at the airport after clearing customs, but you can talk to the employees at the airport desk if you'd like your luggage picked up and they will be able to help you.

    Good packing tip: spread items from each member of the travel group among all of the bags. That way if a bag is lost, 1 person isn't at a total loss. That applies any time you fly, but with the added step of being handled by Disney, it's even more important. Anybody who encounters any issues, including lost bags, should call them at (866) 599-0951.

    Your MagicBand and the vouchers that come in the mail with your luggage tags function as your tickets to board a bus, but if you don't have your vouchers or MagicBands when you arrive at the airport, you can go to the Magical Express desk and they'll help you out. On the return trip back to the airport, you won't be able to use your MagicBand, but will need your vouchers instead.

After you land in Orlando

How Magical Express Works at Disney World

  • Find the Magical Express area at the airport. Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you will navigate to level 1 of Terminal B to get on a bus (stop by your baggage claim first if you want to retrieve your own bags). Before going down any escalators, check to see which side you are on. Once you're on the B side of the terminal, then you can go down the escalators. Look at the graphic below to see which airlines arrive on the A side and which are on the B side.

How Magical Express Works at Disney World

  • Get in your resort's line. DMElineYou will need your MagicBands or vouchers to check in. You will then be directed to the line that corresponds to your resort and you'll board your bus when instructed. You will likely wait at least a little bit before the bus departs (up to 30-40 minutes), which will include both some time waiting in line and time waiting on the bus.
  • Take a bus ride. Once the bus departs, a video will play on the screens with Disney World info (this video annoys some people, but it helps you get excited about your trip). After about 25-35 minutes or so, your bus will arrive at Disney World. Each bus stops at a few resorts so you could end up stopping a couple of times before arriving at your resort. You should plan on budgeting up to 90-120 minutes from the moment you enter the line to the time you are dropped off at your resort.
  • Unload and tip. If you brought your bags on the bus, they'll be unloaded from the storage compartment. Tips are appropriate for anybody who has helped to handle your bags at the rate of $1/bag. Cast Members will not ask for tips, but there is a sign on each bus saying that tips are accepted.
  • Wait for checked bags to arrive. If you used the Magical Express luggage tags for your checked bags, those bags will be picked up and delivered to your resort room, but this process could take up to 4 hours or so. Be sure you have things with you that you'll need while you wait for your luggage to arrive. Tipping is not required or even really possible with the people handling your checked bags because you will likely never see or interact with them.

At the end of your trip

How Magical Express Works at Disney World

  • Find out pick-up time. The day before you're scheduled to depart, you'll receive a note in your room telling you what time you'll be picked up to go back to the airport. The pick-up time is usually about 3 hours before your flight departs for domestic flights and 4 hours for international flights. DO NOT MISS YOUR BUS. You may not be able to use Magical Express if you miss the one you were supposed to take.
  • Flight check in at resort (if applicable). Guests flying on certain airlines have the option to get boarding passes and check their bags for their flights at their resort.
  • Use luggage bell services. Guests who don't want to check bags at the resort can carry them on the bus on their own. If your flight departs later in the day and you want to spend time in the parks, you can use luggage bell services in front of your resort to hold your luggage until you're ready to go. Leave yourself a bit of time to pick up your luggage before Magical Express arrives to take you to the airport.


Can I take my child's car seat on the bus?
If you have a car seat, it can be stowed under the bus with the other luggage, but it can't be used on the bus seats.

What if I want to only take a bus 1 way and not round trip?
You can do that.

Can I take Magical Express to/from Disney World at a different time than when my flight is scheduled?
Yes, you can do that by either inputting other flight times when you make your ME reservation, or you can call them at 866-599-0951 to let them know what times you prefer. This is especially handy if you arrive late, want to stay at a hotel at the airport, and then take a bus to Disney World the next day.

What if I only want to have my luggage picked up at the airport and delivered to my resort but I don't want to ride a Magical Express bus?
Sorry, that's not allowed. Many people would like to have their luggage transported to their resort and then head straight to the parks in a rental car or taxi. If that's your goal, I would suggest making a quick stop by car/taxi at your resort and leaving your luggage with luggage bell services right at the front of the resort and then hopping back in your car/taxi to go to the park.

What if different parts of our group are arriving/leaving at different times?
They will be able to accommodate you. Make sure each name is on the room reservation and then give Magical Express the flight information for each person.

I'm flying into an airport other than Orlando International Airport. Can I still use Magical Express?
No, you won't be able to.

What if I need to use the bathroom?
There is a bathroom on the bus.

What if I'm from another country and want my luggage picked up and delivered to the resort?
If Orlando is your first entry in the U.S., you'll need to claim your bags and clear customs. You will then give your luggage back to the airport officials where you can either pick it up at baggage claim or have Disney get it for you. Once you arrive at the Magical Express area, let them know you'd like them to get your bags and they will.

If Orlando is not your first entry into the U.S., you can proceed just as domestic guests do - get your bags from baggage claim and take them to Magical Express, or you can just go straight to Magical Express and let them know you want them to get your bags.

Do we recommend Magical Express?

There are definitely times when it makes sense and other times when it doesn't.

People who benefit the most tend to be those who:

  • Are on a strict budget and don't want to add any extra costs for transportation
  • Have an interest in checking their bags at their home airport and don't want to handle it again until they receive it at their resort
  • Don't need a grocery stop
  • Won't mind if it takes a little extra time to get to their resort

People who probably shouldn't use it are those who:

  • Want to leave immediately to get to their resort
  • Would prefer to have their own car while on vacation
  • Want to stop for groceries
  • Don't mind handling their own luggage
  • Are uncomfortable riding without car seats


Check out this comparison of airport pickup options to see what other choices you have.

Have other questions or info to share? Please feel free to share in the comments.


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I know magical express requires a Disney reservation. We are a party of 6 all on a resort reservation – but we are traveling with an extra small child. She is only 3. She is staying with her mother once we arrive but has tickets to the park, etc.

I know technically she isn’t supposed to be allowed on ME but will they let her on, especially considering one in our group is a lap seating infant? Can we buy a pass for her? I have heard you could go to the mears desk and buy something. Obviously since she is 3 she cannot ride anything by herself. And our room is at max so we can’t add her to our reservation.

Any suggestions?


We have use Magical Express previously, and loved it. We will be renting a van at the airport this time around. You touch on not being able just to have your luggage delivered without riding the bus to the resorts, but what about on the return flight home? Are you able to bypass bag check at the airport still, and check your bags at the resort, even if you don’t ride the bus to the airport (as we would be returning our rental car)?

David Bauer

Thanks for the great info Shannon!

If we use Magical Express luggage tags for our checked bags and they are delivered to our room, do we have to be at the resort to receive them? Or can we be out and about and get them once we return to the resort?

David Bauer

Thanks for the quick reply. 🙂

That _is_ a great feature. The bags “magically” appear in our room while we’re away. Magical express is sounding like a great option for us.


We are staying at AoA. Which resorts are typically the first the first stops.


Hi I’m all booked for the magical express for my arrival to Florida but I haven’t booked a return flight yet. Can I still book the magical express when in Disney?


Hi we are flying in from different states at different arrival times. Can I enter different addresses and flight info for members of our party? Thanks!


Hi, if we have a night flight back home, can we use Resort Airline Checkin in the morning for our luggage but not take ME back to the airport so we can catch cab/ride share from the park without needing to go back to resort? Or will we arrive home and find our luggage not there? 🙂


Can we use Magical Express the day of our reservation even if our flight arrives the day before? We were thinking of arriving in FL the day before our reservation, spend the night at an airport hotel, and grab the bus first thing in the morning. Is that possible?

Mark Murphy

Check flights for the following day, enter that as your arrival information and shuttle back to the airport at the time you want to leave the airport. You’ll have to keep your bags with you, but everything else will be fine I suspect.


We are using ME to get to our resort. However, when we check out, we plan on staying a couple more days in Orlando before flying home. I would like to take ME to the airport the day we check out so I can rent a car from there. (I want to use Hertz which isn’t available at the Disney Car Care center) is this possible?


What if your flight is late? Will there be another bus coming along to get you later? Also- I want to pick up my own bag and bring it to the bus…will there be time to get my bag and still get to the correct bus? I don’t want to miss my ride and have no way to WDW!


Hi Shannon,

I would use only the return ME service, but my flight is around 11 pm on the day of check-out. I know the ME leaves the resort about 4 hours before, but can I leave the bags at the resort until that time and stay in the premisses, using resort amenities after checking-out?

Andrea (from Brazil)

Melissa Detweiler

Any suggestions for late evening arrivals? We are scheduled to land at 9:00 PM on a Wednesday evening. We’re debating about the bag delivery. Will we get to the room any quicker if we skip baggage claim and get directly on a bus? I suppose it depends on how frequently the buses leave. However, I don’t want someone knocking on our door at 1:00 AM delivering our bags, or could they be held at the desk until the morning?

Glenda Zellars

I am flying into orlando and renting a car for the weekend but then going to disney the following week. Can i return my rental car at airport and use my magical express voucher to get to my disney resort?

Sarah H

We’re arriving at MCO at 11am and then taking the ME to the Polynesian. If our flight were actually on time, about how long will it take to get to the resort then head over to Disney Studios? I’m trying to make sure our Fast Pass times for the day make sense. Thank you!

Monica M.

Hello. We are planning a trip to disney in 2017. I have booked my disney trip package but waiting on flight prices. I already know the flights i want to choose can i give that information to disney or does my flight have to be booked in order to give them that information?

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