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Updated January 2016!


I wrote a trip planning guide that teaches you everything from the basics to adding magical touches to your trip.

You will learn:

2  The best places to eat
Where to dine during your trip, how to book the hard-to-get dining reservations

2  How to avoid long lines
Choosing the right park to visit each day, touring plans to help you avoid lines on the rides

2  Where you should stay
The best resorts for various types of travel groups: those on a budget, people who want the best accommodations, large families, princess lovers + others

2  When to go
Some dates are crazy busy and expensive while others are much less crowded. I have a calendar to show you the crowd levels for every week of the year.

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"I was overwhelmed! The planning kit made it so easy. I just went step by step and I was done! I was a little worried because there is only 100 days before our trip, but now everything is done."

- Kelly W., Bay Minette, AL

  • Bonus #1: Custom maps of every theme park that show you the best times to visit attractions, where to view fireworks, best places to eat
  • Bonus #2: Sample trip plans so you can see how a complete plan looks, including touring and dining advice for different types of travel groups

What others have said

This gives you a great groundwork. It’s almost like connect the dots for vacation planning. - Jay P., Hawkinsville, GA

It has everything needed. I think my life would've been easier if I had this a few months ago. I was so unsure of where to start that I spent so much time (weeks!) researching Disney and reading websites that I actually missed out on the room we wanted at the time we wanted it.

I was just too nervous to book it without knowing more. With your guide I wouldn't second guess myself so much. - Stephanie G., Birmingham, AL

"I went through it very quickly. It was fun to have the worksheet along with it. I really enjoyed that!" - Katie G., St. Bernard, LA

Why should I buy this guide instead of 1 of the hardcover books?

Well, both are valuable but for different reasons.

The printed books are helpful but they 1.) include a lot of general info, 2.) are hard to keep current (Disney info changes a lot! I can make edits and have the changes in place within minutes vs. a year for printed books) and 3.) don't provide access to a person who can help you 1-on-1.

I've already been to Disney World 5 times. Should I buy this?

This guide is ideal for first-timers who are trying to wrap their head around all that there is to know about Disney World and plan a great trip without lots of stress.

People who have been and know the ropes are probably too advanced for this information. I plan to create something for more advanced planning in the future that will be a better fit for you.

But can't I find most of this stuff for free online?

There's lots of great info for free online (including this site which is 100% free except for this guide) but what you can't find is somebody to boil it all down to what's important.

When researching online, you also don't know if the info you're finding is trustworthy. I answer emails from people every week who have found incorrect info and didn't know until I told them.

By putting all of this info in 1 place, I'm saving you dozens of hours of research and providing you reliable info. After reading, you can always email me with any questions that you have.

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paymenticonsThank you for taking the time to read all about my trip planning guide. Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great trip. Have questions? Feel free to email me at shannon at