Guide to all Hollywood Studios rides and attractions

(Article last updated: July 27, 2017)

Hollywood Studios is a park with a few can't-miss rides, a couple of forgettable rides, and lots of shows.

Let's take a look at all Hollywood Studios rides....

A quick overview

Hollywood Studios is themed after movies and includes several behind-the-scenes attractions to show how movies are made. There are also a lot of live shows to see here, making it difficult to plan since you have to try to fit them all into your day.

This park is divided by street names. Let's take a look at each section...

Hollywood Studios rides and attractions

Animation Courtyard

Star Wars Launch Bay

This attraction allows guests to interact with beloved Star Wars characters, tour galleries of memorabilia and replicas of large-scale Star Wars artifacts, shop for special Star Wars merchandise at "Launch Bay Cargo" and play the latest Star Wars interactive video games.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody, especially Star Wars fans
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: Anytime, although waits are shorter in the morning.
Tips: Both Kylo Ren and Chewbacca will speak to you at their meet & greets so you might want to brush up on your Wookie

Disney Junior - Live on Stage!

Characters from Disney Junior TV shows perform here in a 22-minute interactive, fun show geared toward toddlers.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? For families with little ones
When to visit: Anytime, as scheduled
Tips: Most people will sit on the floor for this show, although there are some benches in the back. Arrive 10-15 minutes early to sit closer to the stage.

Voyage of Little Mermaid

17-minute show featuring a combination of live performances, puppets, film clips and special effects.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody (though the dark theater and the Ursula character may scare some little ones)
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: Anytime, as scheduled
Tips: See this show before lunch to avoid lines

Walt Disney Presents

This museum-style attraction is a chance to see lots of memorabilia from Walt's life. Items include a model of Main Street, U.S.A., Oscar trophies, plus a section of the model for the upcoming Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge section of Hollywood Studios as well as concept art for Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway attraction. Character greetings are also available inside (currently it is Star-Lord and baby Groot) as well as sneak peaks of upcoming movies.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Only as a time filler for those who love knowing more about the history or for people wanting to catch a peek at the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge model
When to visit: Anytime
Tips: Ask a Cast Member for a trivia quiz. If you answer the trivia questions correctly, you'll be given a certificate.

BB-8 Astromech on Duty (character meet)

Height req.: none
When to visit: Park opening - park closing

Pluto (character meet)

When to visit: 9:30am-6:20pm

Kylo Ren (character meet)

When to visit: Park opening - park closing

Chewbacca (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: Park opening - park closing

Sofia the First (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: 9:30am (8:30am on Sundays)-6:20PM

Jake (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: 9:30am (8:30am on Sundays)-6:30PM

Doc McStuffins (character meet)

When to visit: 9:30am (8:30am on Sundays)-6:30PM

Commissary Lane

Mickey & Minnie Starring in Red Carpet Dreams (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: Park open to park close daily

Goofy (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: 9:30am-12:40pm, 1:30pm-4:10pm

Chip 'n' Dale (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: 9:30 am-12:40pm, 1:30pm-4:10pm

Echo Lake

Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple

This outdoor show allows young Padawans to master their Jedi skills before facing off against forces from the Dark Side (Darth Vader & the Seventh Sister Inquisitor from Star War Rebels).

Suitable for: Disney requests participants be between the ages of 4 & 12.
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: Sign up @ park opening
Tips: This has become very popular and competitive (right up there with Toy Story Mania!) event. Registration to participate is located at the Indiana Jones Adventurers Outpost store and you must sign up right when you arrive in order to secure a spot.

Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

3D flight simulator that takes guests through one of dozens of different Star Wars experiences including new characters and adventures from Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Batuu, the home planet of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: 40
Suitable for: Anybody 40" or taller who can handle simulators and some rough movement.
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: 2nd hr (or later w/FP+)
Tips: The exit area is a great Star Wars gift shop that has areas to build LEGO Star Wars characters and light sabers. If this store seems too busy, you may have better luck at Once Upon a Toy store in Disney Springs where you can get the same items.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

This brief film allows Star Wars fans to relive the stories of Star Wars Episodes I-VII.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? For Star Wars fans
When to visit: Park opening - park closing
Tips: Perfect for people that would like to get caught up or need a refresher of the Star Wars saga.

For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration

This 25-30 minute show is hosted by hilarious historians from Arendelle who walk you through the story of Frozen with a chance to sing songs from the movie along the way. Characters from the movie appear on stage for a bit during the show as well.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Definitely for Frozen fans
When to visit: Anytime, as scheduled
Tips: Get a FastPass+ for this attraction or be sure to show up about 20-25 minutes before show time

Indiana Jones ™ Epic Stunt Spectacular!

35-minute show that gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the effects used on a movie set, using scenes from Indiana Jones movies. The theater is outdoors but covered so you'll be protected from the sun but not sitting in air conditioning.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: Anytime, as scheduled
Tips: To increase your chances of being picked to be in a scene, show up early, sit near the front and be enthusiastic.

Olaf at Celebrity Spotlight (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: Park open to 15 minutes before park close daily

Hollywood Boulevard

Daisy & Donald Duck (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: 9:10 am-12:10pm, 1:00pm-3:40pm

Muppet Courtyard

Muppet*Vision 3D

This indoor, 3D show is a fun attraction featuring the Muppets. Things happen in the theater as part of the show, making the show even more fun (especially for little ones).

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes, for little ones (as a time filler for everybody else)
When to visit: Anytime
Tips: The theater holds a lot of people and usually doesn't have a long wait. It's a good option to escape hot afternoons.

Pixar Place

Toy Story Mania!

Fun ride that includes wearing 3D glasses and riding through various carnival game scenes to score points.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: 1st hr (or later w/FP+)
Tips: Arrive early to ride it ASAP after park opening and/or scheduling a FastPass+ reservation for later.

Cruz Ramierz (character meet)

When to visit: Park opening - park closing

Buzz Lightyear and Woody (character meet)

Height req.: None
When to visit: Park opening - park closing

Sunset Boulevard

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™

One of the best themed rides in all of Disney World, this ride takes you on an elevator ride that ultimately results in dropping you 13 stories. After the initial drop, the ride goes up and down in random sequence, dropping you multiple times.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: 40
Suitable for: People 40" and taller who love thrillers
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: 1st hr (or later w/FP+)
Tips: Just before boarding the ride vehicle, there is a chicken exit for those who choose not to ride.

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith

This high-speed, takes-off-really-super-fast coaster features the music of Aerosmith. The story line is that you're headed to a red carpet event and don't have much time so you're in a fast-paced limo that takes you through twists and turns (some parts are inverted) and delivers you to the red carpet.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: 48"
Suitable for: Coaster lovers 48" and taller
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: 1st hr (or later w/FP+)
Tips: Single rider line is available here

Beauty & the Beast - Live on Stage

As the name implies, this is a live show featuring the story of Beauty and the Beast.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anyybody
Recommended? Yes, especially for princess lovers
When to visit: Anytime, as scheduled
Tips: Food is allowed here, so feel free to grab lunch or a snack and bring it in to eat while you watch

Santa Claus & Goofy Santa (character meet)

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
When to visit: Santa will meet Nov. 14 -Dec 24th & Goofy Santa meets Dec. 25th - Dec. 31st

Nighttime entertainment


This 25-minute nighttime show is enormously popular and fun to watch. The show features characters, water effects, fireworks and music. Guests begin to arrive up to 2 hours before the show begins to obtain seating.

FP+ available? Yes
Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? Yes, except for families with young children who could find it scary
When to visit: As scheduled (nighttime entertainment)
Tips: If there are 2 shows scheduled, the second one will always be less busy. This show makes a good "bonus" FastPass+ if you've used all of your others for the day and there are still some available for Fantasmic. Feel free to bring food in that you've purchased from outside the theater.

Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular

This enhanced show showcases pyrotechnics, special effects and video projections in addition to spectacular fireworks, all set to to music from the Star Wars film franchise

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Fans of Star Wars and anyone that loves nighttime shows
Recommended? Yes
When to visit: As scheduled (nighttime entertainment)
Tips: In order to see all of the projections you will need to find a place close to the courtyard in front of the Chinese Theater

Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM!

This enhanced nighttime show includes state-of-the-art projections, special effects (including snow!), fireworks and a rousing seasonal musical score.

Height req.: None
Suitable for: Anybody
Recommended? For people that love Christmas or anybody that enjoys nighttime shows
When to visit: Nighttime entertainment
Tips: In order to see all of the projections you will need to find a place close to the courtyard in front of the Chinese Theater

Dining at Hollywood Studios

I have a dining guide below to help you decide on dining options at Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood Studios ridesThe pros and cons of all Hollywood Studios restaurants
I've put together a list of all of the restaurants at Hollywood Studios with my thoughts on each to help you decide where to eat during your time at Hollywood Studios.

WDW Prep Members

Level 2 WDW Prep Members have touring plan tools to put together their own plans. The attractions indicate height requirements, if it's a good use of FastPass+, illustrations of ride vehicles so you can see how many people will fit (especially handy if the kids outnumber the adults), and when to visit each attraction.

Hollywood Studios rides

And as you build your touring plans, they are grouped by hour (for the first 3 hours) and then your whole plan is plotted on a map at the bottom of the page so you can see how it all lays out.

Hollywood Studios rides

⇢ Get access to Level 2 tools ⇠

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Kassie Love

I was really disappointed to see that you did not recommend the Great Movie Ride.
I think it is one of the best rides and all of Disney. Especially considering the elaborate Wizard of Oz scene the movie ride has.


There are great promos for Spring of 2018 but I’m wondering if we should wait until Fall of 2018 so we can go to Toy Story Land? We can’t afford to go every year or two so next year’s trip will be it for a few years.

Amy Allocco

Is Moana still at Hollywood? We are planning a trip this summer and my daughter wants to meet her.


We will be heading to Disney next week with our entire family. We have chosen to do 3 parks. Due to work schedules my husband and I will only get to join our family for 2 days worth of parks. We are trying to decide with parks to join in on MK, HS, or AK Our kids are 14 & 10. They will be able to do all 3. Which would be the best 2 to pick?


Hi there,
I am planning a trip for my daughter’s birthday in the middle of February, 2017. Can you tell me where I can find Moana? I read somewhere she is at Hollywood Studios.
Thank you for your help!

Misty Gonzales

My husband and I are planning a trip November 26-December 3. We are flying which leaves 6 days we are planning 2 Universal days 3 Disney and 1 Free day which we will attend The MVMCP that night. Which park should we skip because we have three day one park each passes? My husband and I don’t want to feel rushed by doing the park hopping on such a short schedule. I was considering skipping Hollywood studios but my Husband is a Star Wars fan and that might not be the best plan. I’ve never been and its been like 15 years since he has been. Magic Kingdom is a must but since I have never been its hard to decide what to skip if I should try to add another day to the passes we already have.


My husband and I are here now. We basically got through Universal Studios in 1 day with the Express pass. We have a 2 day park to park but only 1 day Express pass. This time of year is slower so there really was not much waiting time if any in the Express pass. So we did all the Express pass things first in both parks and did the Harry Potter stuff last. None of the Harry Potter has Fast Pass. If your not a Harry Potter fan or never saw the movies a walk through is good enough. But if are a Harry Potter fan a Day in a 1/2 not ever if the parks are open later. Start with the park that clothes 1st so you can stay and keep going with out having to walk over to the open one. If they are both open the late start with Universal that where most of the Express pass is used.


Do universal in 1 day using the express pass. We were there for 2 days this past week and if it wasnt for the horror nights, the 2nd day at universal would have been a waste. You need a day per disney park and but if for our family, if we were to skip a park it would be ak

Hazel Lo

Hi, my boyfriend and I are visiting the Disney World this coming end of June. We have full 5 days to spend except for the last day on which we will have to leave at around 4pm. The last day falls on 1st July so we are thinking we should avoid the Magical Kingdom and Hollywood Studio on this day after looking at the calendar you prepared. But we are not sure how to choose between the Animal Kingdom and Epcot. Which one would you recommend? 🙂

Jodi Ashby

With the addition of Olaf, is there a Fastpass+ option at this time?


Can you recommend a good viewing spot for Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic Spectacular?


Thank you!


Interested in the new Star Wars Launch Pad. Is this where the Animation Studio was? Wonder how crowded it will be at Spring Break time. Is this just a walk thru? I see not fastpasses. So you can meet the star wars characters there?


we are going for the first time and want to do MK 2 days. We will have a 5 and 8 yr old at the time. So that leaves us with having to skip another park. From what I have seen I am thinking we should go to AK and skip HS. What is your thoughts? Want to hit Epcot because we will be there for Christmas time celebrations.


If i had to skip a park, it would be AK. There really isn’t much to it, and i LOVE HS. Just my opinion

Sydney Fischer

did you think about getting a park hopper pass so that you can do more than one park a day. If not thats fine. i think that two days for magic kingdom is great. I think that you could skip HS because the rides are for more bigger kids. HS has great shows that are going to get taken out soon so make sure you get there if you like the shows and some of the rides. AK is also a great place but for me not a must do. For the age of your kids i think you should do AK. hope this helps a little.


Any information, tips or opinions on the Frozen Sing A Long?


We were at Hollywood Studios during the busiest week in February and had no trouble getting in at the 6 pm(ish) show. Also, cast members told us that the last show of the evening is practically empty because everybody heads for Fantasmic. The front portion of the theater hass theater seats, the back portion is bleachers. We sat in the bleachers which weren’t terribly comfortable, but the view was great. The cast was warm and funny; it was a good time.


We have Fantasmic dining package reservations at Hollywood and Vine at 1:30pm, will characters also be there?


Yes, Disney Jr. characters will be there! Our kids loved this restaurant. About every 20 minutes or so, the characters come to the center of the restaurant and dance to Disney Jr. music. The kids can get up and dance with them. Perfect for little ones who have a hard time staying in their seats.

kate w

we have 430 reservations at Hollywood and Vine for the Fantasmic show. Will there be characters there at that time, or only at certain meal times? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Karol Welsh

Shannon, do you have a list of the shows/rides that are good to do in the heat of the day because they are indoors at each of the theme parks? Or is there such a list somewhere on the internet?
Thanks for your reply in advance.

Bambam Proctor

My 4 1/2 year old grandsons love Disney Jr. and all of those characters-are they in this part of the park? Jake and Dr. McStuffin? Is this the wrong park for them?


Is Hollywood Studios an all day park for little ones that love characters and rides? I will have a toddler, but my niece and nephew will be there too (6 and 9) and I am concerned they would get bored with all the shows and rides that they aren’t big enough for. Would this be a good time to park hop back to Magic Kingdom?

Maria B

The 6 and 9 year olds should be big enough for most (if not all) the rides at the park. It really depends on how “thrill seeking” they are. We only stayed for part of the day when we went two years ago because my children were not big enough for most rides (daughter 2 and son 4). My husband and I became fed up with the Rider Switch after a while (it takes time away from being together as a family and you have to wait in FP lines (1 per parent) in order to do it for both parents; this could take 30 – 35 minutes during the busy season), so we didn’t bother doing them either. I would be more concerned about the toddler getting bored.

Ann Marie

Is it possible to get schedules of shows and character greetings now for a trip in February?

Is the weather usually nice the last week of February?


Hello! taking our 1st trip down in October, and getting my son into the Jedi Training Academy is a huge priority for my husband 🙂 However, I just noticed that our planned DHS day is also a day with morning extra magic hours…I’ve read some differing info in various places, can you confirm if sign ups will happen DURING the EMH? Or will they still start at 9am at the official park opening? I know that either way, my husband & son need to be there at 8am to at least line up, just wondering if they will start taking sign ups right away. thanks, your site is great!

Maria B

Do you have an answer for this? My son has his little heart set on being a Jedi when we go this August. We will probably be there early, too, but I was wondering when we’d be allowed to line up? Thanks!

Maria B

I found the answer on :

You CAN sign up during AM extra magic hours. So, if you are going during a busy time on the EMH day, I would get there EARLY.


Is the 4+ strictly enforced for the Honey I Shrunk the Kids? I have a 2 year old that would certainly enjoy running around / climbing.

We are going at Christmas and the only reason we are including Hollywood Studios in our plans is the Disney Junior Show and the Osborne Lights. I feel like this is not a great park for toddlers.




Hi Shannon!

We just returned from a 2 week trip from MA to FL with Disney & some other good stops along the way. Thanks for all of your help & great articles! We had a good time at HS but it was a very hot day! The best tip was to go to Toy Story first, get a FP and then ride TS wo using your FP. Using the FP later allowed us to tide 2x wo much of a wait at all!

muppets 3D is closed until September (per a shop clerk). I was saddened bc I love the Muppets. But, maybe they will update it and make it better. Do you know what they are up to?

Molly Diemer

I really appreciate your tip about snapping a photo of your child before entering the Honey I Shrunk The Kids play area. I had no idea how crazy this play area can be when we visited HS for the first time last April. It was jam packed with children and adults and there are so many hiding areas so it makes it tricky to spot your child. We couldn’t find my son for over 10 minutes and it was terrifying. We were able to tell the Cast Member stationed at the entrance what he was wearing and that helped, but the photo is an even better strategy. In fact, what a great idea to snap a photo the morning before you enter any of the parks in case your child gets lost.


When we go for the first time in November, we want to see Fantasmic to compare/contrast with our Disneyland version. We prefer to sit down in seats but we aren’t picky about which seats. About how early should we show up?

Betsy Hoffman

For your discussion on Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios…before we went last fall I would have said Animal Kingdom and not Studios. However, after going and having two (now three) small children, we are planning to do more days at Hollywood Studios than Magic Kingdom and none at Animal Kingdom. We found that there wasn’t a whole lot for our kids at AK (other than little to NO lines for characters) and there was a TON at HS. We are also planning that day for the day after we do MNSSHP because we will do all the shows, so there won’t be much for our kiddos to wait for and be out in the hot sun for. But that’s just us…as I tell anyone when they ask, you have to think about your individual family when you plan Disney. 10 years from now I know that we won’t be doing things that way when we go 🙂

Carol Chang

I notice you don’t mention anything about the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction. Is there a reason for this?


One thing you might want to mention for the Mermaid show. My neices were three when we went, they love the little Mermaid but they were completly terrified of this show and cried the whole time. We got stuck in the front so Ursela was right on top of us.


Oh no! The Disney Junior show was going to be our highlight of this park day – our little guy has seen it on YouTube and we thought seeing it live would blow his mind.

Maybe this won’t be a full park day after all; more time for the resort pool I guess!






I do love this park but we are only doing it for a half day this year… I have to put in my 2 cents about the Mermaid show:
I love shows at WDW (And, the best show I have ever seen at a park was Aladdin at DisneyLAND) but this Mermaid show is truly awful. My daughter (and even my son) love the movie, but we are totally skipping this show. They can have their Mermaid fix at Ariel’s Grotto.


Surely you jest! I have seen this show twice and it’s just as awful each time. The costumes look like a really good high-school production and it feels very early-90s.
Agree with the original commenter… the Alladin Show at DisneyLAND is better than any show I have ever seen at any WDW park.


Personally, I would warn against the Great Movie Ride for very young children. I was super traumatized as a little one due to the “Alien” scene, and some of the live action stuff can be startling, as there are gunfights, a person turning into a skeleton, etc.


There’s a warning posted outside the ride about it being scary for little ones. My husband and I had been on the ride by ourselves several times and didn’t remember it being particularly scary, so we disregarded the warning when we took our 1.5-year-old. BIG MISTAKE! The wicked witch from Wizard of Oz scared the pants off her and there were fake pistols being fired that were also very frightening. I definitely don’t recommend this ride for small children.


My thoughts exactly. I actually think it used to be even more intense in the mid 90s. I have done the ride 2 times in the past 20 years and really don’t plan on hitting it again unless there is a major update. Certainly my young kids would have no interest.


i heard a rumor that Cars land will be coming to this part in a few years… true?

I really like this park, its is our first full day on our next trip. Is there anyway to get the show schedules before arriving at the park? I see them on touring plans but that is the only place I have seen them and am not sure how accurate they are since I don’t have anything to compare them too?

Thanks that’s a site I have not explored yet.

I don’t understand why they have to replace stuff to create a cars land and Starwars land. I thought the point of buying all of Orlando was so there was room to expand? You would like they would just build next to those spaces, or create a tunnel under the nearby highway or some walkway like a cloud city and make HS bigger.


Waaa!!?? Great Movie Ride as a time filler? This breaks my heart. It is truly a unique and awesome attraction…it should be seen by anyone who loves MGM classic movies!

Also, the Walt One Man’s Dream maybe too ‘adult’ for little ones. I don’t have any kids, but, I’ve seen them being fascinated by the awesome miniature models of their favorite attractions. The film is a bit too “Disney”, however, the walk through is defiantly something people should take the time out to explore. It is really enjoyable.


My daughter is really interested in doing the Jedi Training Academy and it was not mentioned here. What are your thoughts and tips on the academy?


Thank you Shannon and Rachel. The academy is all my 6 yo daughter can talk about!


As soon as the park opens go get in line to sign up for Jedi Training. It’s across from Indiana Jones. My son wanted to do the Jedi Training. We got there at 9 to sign-up. We had a 2:20 show-time. My son has been asking to go back to Disney World so we can do the Jedi Training again. It’s a must if your child loves Star Wars.


Is there a parade @ HS? I got to go to Disneyland Paris last year and there was not a scheduled parade on the days we went .. . .

Curtis Traverse

My family loved this park! There was something for everyone here. It felt like a completely different park then the other Disney ones we had been to. The Stunt show was fantastic and so was beauty and the best.


Your Plan for little ones, States that Disney junior Live will Closed until February? what are they adding?

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