Disney World stroller rental

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(Article last updated: January 4, 2016)

It is not uncommon for Disney World visitors to walk 50 miles during a one week visit. Fifty miles. That's a lot for adults, let alone kids. Even kids who don't usually ride in strollers will find it helpful to use a stroller while touring Disney World parks.

Thankfully, Disney World has their own strollers that are great for bigger kids. Here's how stroller rental works.

Who should rent strollers

The ideal people to rent strollers in the theme parks are those who don't need a stroller outside of the parks because their kids are used to walking, but who can't walk miles per day.

People with little ones who normally use strollers will probably want to bring their own stroller to Disney to use.

What the strollers look like

The strollers in each park look a little different. Here's what they look like:

Where to rent

Inside each of the Disney theme parks and in Disney Springs, you can rent strollers for the day. Once you arrive, head to one of these locations to rent a stroller:

  • Magic Kingdom Locations
    - Under the train station at the front of the park
  • Epcot Locations
    - East side of the Entrance Plaza
    - International Gateway
  • Hollywood Studios Location
    - Oscar's Super Service (just after entering the park)
  • Animal Kingdom Location
    - Garden Gate Gifts (at the entrance)
  • Disney Springs Locations (only single strollers available here and a $100 credit card deposit is required)
    - Disney Springs Marketplace Strollers and Wheelchairs (near the Tren-D shop)
    - DisneyQuest Emporium at Disney Springs West Side

Rental cost

Current prices are:

  • $15/day for a single stroller
  • $31/day for a double stroller

For people wanting to rent for multiple days, Disney offers discounts for pre-paying for multiple days (keep your receipt!). The discounted rates are:

  • $13/day for a single stroller
  • $27/day for a double stroller

About the train

When you board Walt Disney World Railroad at Magic Kingdom, you can park your stroller at the train station, remove all of your things (including your stroller tag/sign) and find another Disney stroller of the same size at the stop where you get off. This allows you to ride the train without lugging the stroller on board.

Extra credit

Here are some extra things you can do if you plan to rent strollers at Disney World:

  • Make your own sign. When you rent a stroller, you're given a piece of paper to write your name on and slip into a plastic pocket so that you can identify your stroller (if you rent for multiple days, be sure to keep the paper with you to save time each day).

    Stroller tags are in a pocket on the back

    If you want to get creative, make your own sign to bring with you and slip into the pockets. Make sure that your personalized stroller sign is just under 8.5" x 5.5". You can even create one using one of my templates and print it off. Laminating the stroller tags make them much more durable to last throughout your trip.

  • Make your stroller stand out. Stroller parking areas are all over the theme parks and all of the strollers look the same when you are trying to find yours. Also, Disney Cast Members often relocate the strollers while you're visiting an attraction which makes it even harder to find yours.

    To make yours stand out, put something on the handle that you can easily spot. Some ideas include a brightly colored handkerchief, a balloon or a large ribbon.

The person with that balloon will have an easy time finding their stroller.
Everybody else? Not so much.

Rent a stroller from outside of Disney

If you don't want to bring your own stroller but also don't want to rent Disney's strollers, you can rent from 1 of many companies in Orlando. Please check out my stroller rental comparison for lots of info, including a big spreadsheet comparing companies, for more info on that.


Figure out how you want to handle strollers during your trip. If you want to reserve one through a local company, make that reservation online. Not sure if you need one? You can always decide to rent after you get there and see how your child handles it.