Disney World Trip Plans

Disney World Trip Plans from WDWPrepSchool.comSome of the most popular articles on this site are the trip plans centered around a theme.

Here are some of the plans you might like:

For toddlers

Where to stay, what to ride, where to eat, handling discipline

For princesses

Probably the longest post on the whole site. Detailed itinerary, suggestions on where to stay, all of the princess dining options, special princess-themed experiences, etc.

For NON-princess lovers

Lots of people read the princess trip plan and wondered “what about us?!” I’ve got an 8 day trip plan that includes what to do before your trip, where to stay, suggested itineraries, where to eat and some special things you can include on your trip.

For geeks

We are a geeky family and my son helped me write this trip plan.

For people with finer tastes

A luxury trip plan which includes all of the nicest things Disney World has to offer.

For drinkers

A plan for people who want to sample drinks at Disney World

For large families

Where to stay, how to tour, where to eat, how to avoid killing each other

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