WDW Prep To Go Podcast

Getting chosen for special events at Disney World – PREP018

There are several special things you can be chosen for at Disney World like parades, shows and park openings. Today, I’ve got an interview with somebody whose family has been chosen for all of those things. She shares her experiences and tips on getting picked for these special things that can bring a little extra magic to your trip. I also have a quick tip that will let you know a shortcut to exiting one of the nighttime shows.

What to do in the days leading up to your WDW trip – PREP017

After months of planning your Disney World trip, what should you be doing in the final days before you leave? I get asked that question a lot so I have some tips on doing that which will allow you to kick off your trip as relaxed as possible. I also have a quick tip about an easy way to make sure you always have cold water while you’re at Disney World.

5 things I don’t like at Disney World – PREP016

Although I like most things at Disney World, there are a few things I don’t like very much. Today, I tell you about those 5 things which include resorts, rides and a restaurant. I also have a quick tip of the day about something you should look for at Hollywood Studios.

A chat with a WDW first-timer before and after her trip – PREP014

After a reader named Misty left a comment on the Facebook Page about being so excited for her family’s first trip to Disney World that they might actually pee their pants, I wanted to chat with her to see what her plans were. After she got back, I chatted with her again to see how it all went. You can hear all about that and I have a quick tip of the day about when I suggest booking flights for your trip in relation to when discounts are announced.

How to add extra magic to your Disney World trip – PREP013

The last step in my 6 step planning process is to add extra magic to your trip. Today, I have some ideas for how to add extra magic to make your trip even more fun. Although it is definitely optional, it can often help create memories that your family will never forget. I also have a quick tip on avoiding some crowds at Magic Kingdom as you walk down Main St.

5 things that are “worth it” for most people going to WDW – PREP012

I get asked several times a week if various things are “worth it” at Disney World. That’s a hard question to answer without knowing somebody’s personality or budget. Today, I’ve assembled a list of 5 things that I think are worth doing for nearly everybody visiting Disney World. I also have a quick tip about a secret entrance into 1 of the parks.

Confessions: 6 mistakes I’ve made planning WDW trips – PREP011

Over the years, I’ve made some mistakes when planning Disney World trips. Today, I’m sharing 6 of those with you, including 1 that I made earlier this year. I’m hoping you’ll learn from things I’ve done wrong and avoid doing the same on your trip. I’ve also got a tip for you on where to order Disney gifts that can be shipped to your house.

Great apps for Disney World trips – PREP010

There are lots of apps to choose from and today, I’ve got a list of some good ones that cover everything from weather to finances to dining at Disney World. This show also includes my very first guest on the podcast – Stephanie of CapturingMagic.me and the Capturing Magic podcast. At the end, I’ve also got a quick tip on helping your kids prep for your trip.

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