Getting a baby’s first haircut at Harmony Barber Shop

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(Article last checked: April 20, 2017)

Harmony Barber ShopThis is a guest post about Harmony Barber Shop from Kelly East. Here's Kelly...

Haircuts may seem like a mundane, everyday occurrence and are likely not on your must-do list for your next vacation. More than likely it is on your list of things to do at home in preparation for your next vacation so everyone is primped and looking their best in all those trip photos.

But did you know you could get your hair cut at Disney World inside the Magic Kingdom?

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Magic Kingdom touring plans and FastPass+ suggestions for 2017

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Magic Kingdom touring plan(Article last updated: April 12, 2017)

Having well-organized touring plans that make good use of FastPasses is key to avoiding long line waits during your Disney World trip, including (and especially!) at Magic Kingdom.

The FastPass+ system is a little hard to understand at first, but I have an explanation on that, plus advice to help you create your own Magic Kingdom touring plan.

Let's take a look...

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About the new Magic Kingdom opening procedure

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Magic Kingdom openingThe start of 2017 brought about a bunch of announcements at Disney World, including a new Magic Kingdom opening procedure. Prior to the change, guests gathered eagerly in front of the WDW Railroad Train Station to await the arrival of the Mayor, the Family of the Day, the Main Street dancers and a train full of characters.

There were some flaws with this opening, however. The space available for guests to watch was small, and if you didn't get there early there was a chance you wouldn't even make it through the turnstiles before park opening.

The new procedure, while perhaps lacking some of the nostalgia of the previous show, addresses the space issue by opening up Main Street to all guests an hour before the official park opening. This gives guests tons of room to spread out, shop and even eat breakfast in the park before the official "rope drop."

Here's how it works...
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A Review of Early Morning Magic – Fantasyland

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This is a guest post from Sarah Tavares. Follow her on Instagram. Here’s Sarah…

Walt Disney World recently introduced two Early Morning Magic ticketed events – one at Magic Kingdom, and the other at Hollywood Studios. Both include a buffet breakfast and pre-park opening access to select attractions.

I recently decided to try out the Fantasyland Early Morning Magic, which includes unlimited access to three rides – Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Peter Pan’s Flight, and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh from 7:45 to 9 a.m., followed by breakfast at Pinocchio Village Haus from 8:30 to 10 a.m.

Here's how it went...

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Guide to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in 2016

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(Article last updated: September 15, 2016)

Guide to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween PartyThere are several special events offered throughout the year at Disney World and 1 of those is Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP) where people get dressed up in costume and attend special activities that are only offered at this party.

I've got info for you on the details of what takes place at the party, how much it costs, when it's held and thoughts on how to create a touring plan to use during the party.

Let's get started...

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Tips for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant

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(Article last checked: September 5, 2016)

The newest and most popular restaurant at Disney World is Be Our Guest Restaurant, located in the Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom.

This restaurant is a Quick Service location for breakfast and lunch, and a Table Service for dinner so it's different than most Disney World restaurants.

Being a popular restaurant means that it's hard to get a reservation, but I have some tips to help you increase your odds.

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Best restaurants at Disney World for fireworks viewing

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(Article last updated: October 15, 2016)

Many people have dining with views of nighttime entertainment (such as Wishes or Illuminations) on their bucket list of things to do when visiting Disney World, or just want to accomplish two things at once - great food with a fantastic view.

If this sounds like you, here are some tips and a list of the best dining options for viewing nighttime shows at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot.

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How Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom works

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(Last updated: February 29, 2016)

This is a guest post from Emily Eckley (follow her blog). For information on other guest post opportunities, get more info here. Now, here's Emily...

If you are looking for a fun, interactive way to explore the Magic Kingdom on your next Disney trip, then Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom might be just the experience for you!

It is great for kids and adults alike and allows for lots of family fun together. Best of all, it is free with park admission (and let’s face it: there aren't many “extras “ at Disney that are free!).

Let's take a look...

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The best fireworks and nighttime show viewing spots at Disney World

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(Article last updated: March 15, 2017)

You will probably want to see at least 1 or 2 of the nighttime entertainment options at Disney World, but there are some spots to view these shows that are better than others.

I've got maps of viewing areas to help you decide where you'll want to watch during your trip.

Let's take a look...

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Tips for The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom

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(Article last checked: April 14, 2016)

This is a guest post from Nowelle Ledebuhr of Studio 1492 Photography. For info on guest post opportunities, check out this info. Now, here's Nowelle...

Our family recently went to Disney World this past fall and my 6-year-old son’s one major request was to do The Pirates League at Magic Kingdom. It was an amazing experience, and I wanted to share lots of fun pictures with you as well as my top tips on how to get the most out of the experience.

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