How Memory Maker works

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(Article last updated: April 25, 2016)

memorymakersquareMemory Maker is a hot topic since Disney promotes it a lot but many (most?) people are really confused about how it works and whether or not they should buy it for their trip.

Today, I have details about how it works, what's included, who should buy it and how to save money by pre-purchasing it.

Let's get started...

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The pros and cons of every Disney World resort

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(Article last checked: September 5, 2016)

Pros and cons of every Disney World resortThere are several WDW resorts that you could choose for your trip.

Here's a breakdown of the pros and cons of every Disney World resort, who is best suited to stay at each, plus some tips if you decide to book a reservation.

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Character meets at Disney World without FastPass+ (that are worth your wait!)

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This is a post by Dustin "The Character Queen" Hayes. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram. Now here's Dustin...

Ah, FastPass+. There's something quite wonderful about looking at the standby wait time for some of your favorite attractions and then immediately scanning your MagicBand at the FastPass+ entrance, knowing that you're going to walk by everyone waiting in that other line (sometimes it makes me literally want to skip through the queue!).

Thanks to FastPass+, you are able to practically plan your entire Walt Disney World trip down to the minute, as FastPass+ is offered for every major attraction and character meet. However, some of the best character interactions you might have on your visit don't offer FastPass+, and it's important to consider this as you plan your trip.

Here are a few of my favorites!

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Complete guide to the Disney Dining Plan (and how to get it free)

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(Article last checked: September 5, 2016)

Disney Dining Plan

If you're staying on-site at Disney World, almost everything is paid for before you even arrive - hotel, park tickets, airfare - but that leaves one main expense that you still have to think about: food.

As they always do, Disney came up with a solution for handling this when they created the Disney Dining Plan. This plan allows you to pre-pay for all of your dining so you don't have to worry about it later and gives your vacation an "all-inclusive" feeling. Disney even offers the plan for free during some promotions.

Here's how you can figure out if the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) makes sense for you.

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Tech tips for Disney World trips

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Technology has become a a huge part of our lives, and that definitely includes Disney World trips.

I have some tech tips for your Disney World trip, including app suggestions, tools you can use, and some gear you might want to buy.

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Tips for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Be Our Guest Restaurant

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(Article last checked: September 5, 2016)

The newest and most popular restaurant at Disney World is Be Our Guest Restaurant, located in the Fantasyland section of Magic Kingdom.

This restaurant is a Quick Service location for breakfast and lunch, and a Table Service for dinner so it's different than most Disney World restaurants.

Being a popular restaurant means that it's hard to get a reservation, but I have some tips to help you increase your odds.

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Disney World crowd calendar for the 2016-2017 school year

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(Article last updated: August 15, 2016 to reflect WrestleMania dates in early April and correct cheerleading competition dates in early May)

Disney World crowd calendarPlanning to visit Disney World sometime between August 2016 and July 2017?

I've got a Disney World crowd calendar of predicted crowd times based on school calendars of many of the biggest districts, holidays, cheerleading competitions, runDisney races, and years of experience being in the parks at all times of year.

Let's dive in...

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Become a WDW Prep Member!

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After lots of anticipation, we are so excited to announce that WDW Prep Members is now live and ready for you to put to use for your Disney World trip planning!

There are lots of new tools and functionality to tell you about. Let's take a tour.

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The best Disney World tickets for 2016

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(Article last updated: July 6, 2016)

The best source for Disney World ticketsWhen people start planning Disney World trips, they're often shocked at how expensive Disney World tickets are. Although huge discounts are fairly rare, there are some ways to save.

Today, I've compared some popular sources for tickets and shown you where to buy different types of tickets to get the best deals.

Let's take a look...

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Best Disney Dining Plan credit values for 2016

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(Article last checked: September 5, 2016)

The Disney Dining Plan (DDP) is something that people staying in an on-site Disney World resort can get by doing one of these things:

  • Booking a package (that includes a room and tickets) online or by calling Disney
  • Booking a room-only reservation by calling Disney
  • Booking a DVC reservation

When you buy a Disney Dining Plan (DDP), you are pre-paying for your food and then using credits to get meals during your trip.

Let's take a look at the cost and see how to get the most out of the DDP for 2016.

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