20 unique Disney World souvenir ideas

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(Article last checked: April 11, 2016)

20 unique Disney souvenirsThere might be a million different souvenirs you can buy at Disney World (and I'm convinced 90% of those are located at the World of Disney store in Disney Springs) but for brevity's sake, I've pared it down to a list of 20 items I think you'll like.

Some general advice on souvenir shopping:

  • buy it when you see it, you may not see it again. There are lots of items unique to a location and there's a chance you won't come across it later.
  • If you're staying on-site, you can send gifts back to your hotel for free so be sure to take advantage of that if you buy too much to carry.
  • If you think of something after you leave that you wish you'd picked up, check the Shop Disney Parks app (available for Android and iOS) which has many/most items from the parks

Now... on to the list.

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Should you use a Disney travel agent?

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(Article last checked: April 11, 2016)

Although general travel agents aren't needed as much anymore, destination-specific agents are still invaluable since they provide such detailed guidance on a specific place.

Unless people are willing to spend a lot of time reading and researching (like on this site!), I usually recommend they use a Disney World-focused agent (also called "Authorized Disney Vacation Planner").

However, there are pros and cons to using a travel agent. Here's my list to help you evaluate if using a travel agent is right for you.

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Doing Disney World with large families

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(Article last updated: April 11, 2016)

Lots of people requested a trip plan for large families. I initially held off for a little bit on doing this because...let's just say...I've learned some of these things the hard way.

Here are some ideas for doing a Disney World with a group...

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Prepping for a Disney trip at The Dollar Tree

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headerdollartreeI once had a friend who said she had never been inside a dollar store. I'm not even sure how we stayed friends.

OK, some of the dollar stores are a little dirty. A little trashy.

But have you been to The Dollar Tree? It's like the Neiman Marcus of the dollar stores. They're usually clean, organized and they have lots of great stuff to pick up before your Disney World trip.

I recently visited and here's what I found...

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16 Magic Kingdom fonts (and they’re all free)

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(Article last checked: April 11, 2016)

I'm appealing to your creative side today and have gathered 16 different free fonts for you to use.

A lot of people use the basic Walt Disney font (you can get the Waltograph font here) but for a little extra credit, you can get even more specific and use some of the fonts from each park, the lands within each park and/or from the rides themselves.

These are great for scrapbookers as well as anybody wanting to do a Magic Kingdom-inspired DIY project because they saw it on Pinterest. (I'm super jealous of all of the people doing awesome Disney projects with die cut machines - need to get one of those ASAP.)

There are fonts from each of the lands in Magic Kingdom as well as many of the well-known attractions.

I've created an image to show you what each font looks like and you can download them in a zip file at the download link.

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Disney World for techie geeks

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(Article last updated: April 11, 2016)

We have 2 kids: a princess lover and a nerdy kid. Since I've already written a trip plan for princesses, this one is for the geeky types.

My teen son (affectionately called "Nerd Boy") is a kid who loves programming, robots, physics and math.

Oh, and Disney World.

He's been visiting since he was 3 and he helped me with this trip plan because he has great ideas and I like hearing his perspective.

Now, on to the geeky stuff.

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So, you’re overwhelmed, huh? See if this helps.

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(Article last checked: April 11, 2016)

When people sign up for the email list, they automatically get an email from me asking them to reply with their trip planning concerns.

The number 1 thing that people email me is that they feel overwhelmed (number 2 thing is that they just want their kids to have fun).

I have a confession: some years ago when we were planning our first trip to Disney World, I emailed somebody on a Disney site and it said this (I had to dig through really old emails to find this snippet):

I am interested in knowing if you can help us with planning an itinerary for our trip. I have read a lot of information but find it all overwhelming and would like a loose schedule that includes all the important items and not something planned by the minute.

There's that word again - overwhelmed! Luckily, the person who replied to me pointed me in the right direction and I've never turned back.

And I want this site to do that for you. My hope in creating this site was to simplify the process so that it wasn't so overwhelming. That's why the 6 steps are in the planning process, and that's why I created this infographic.

The problem is that you all know there are a LOT of topics that go outside those 6 steps and it feels never ending. Guess what? It is.

I read about Disney World every day and have for many years and I still learn new things daily.

There are ways to help the trip planning process feel less overwhelming. Here are 4 tips that I think should help.

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6 Disney-themed activities for kids

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(Article last updated: January 4, 2016)

So you're about to leave for your Disney World trip and you want to keep your kids busy en route while getting them in the Disney spirit...

Or maybe your kids think the wait for their Disney World trip is sooooo long and need something to help pass the time...

Here are my favorite Disney-themed activities for kids to pass the time while they wait for their trip to start.

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How to stay in a deluxe hotel for moderate prices by renting DVC points

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(Article last updated: April 11, 2016)

How to stay at a Deluxe Resort for Moderate pricesThere are lots of destinations you can visit where renting a timeshare can be an affordable option.

Disney World has a version of timeshares called Disney Vacation Club where you can rent from the owner and pay less than if you booked the room through Disney.

Here's how it works.

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The ideal Disney World planning timeline (and what to do if you are short on time)

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(Article last checked: April 11, 2016)

In order to do everything you want to do on your Disney World trip, you need to start planning more than 6 months in advance.

Of course, not everybody has that much notice on their trips, so they have to figure out how to plan on a shorter schedule.

Here is the ideal planning timeline as well as what you can do if you are running short on time.

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