August 2014 at Disney World

August 2014 at Disney World from
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8/16/2014 – Villains Unleashed event schedule has been released
7/18/2014 – updated park hours published
6/28/2014 – lots of changes to Extra Magic Hours published
6/3/2014 – park hours updated
4/30/2014 – 2 new refurbishments added
4/17/2014 – 2 new refurbishments added
4/14/2014 – park hours revised
3/17/2014 – new summer discount released
3/4/2014 – 1 new refurbishment added and park hours updated to show new MK parade
1/10/2014 – park hours released and best/worst parks published
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August 2014 at Disney World from

August at Disney World starts off hot and busy and ends hot and much less busy.

If you happen to have a school district that starts school late, traveling to Disney World after mid-August is a great way to avoid peak crowds.

Some tips for traveling in August:

  • Traveling to Disney World during a busier time means you have to be extra diligent about having a good touring plan. As long as you’re zigging while other people zag, you’ll do fine.
  • Weather in August is hot. Consider taking mid-day breaks from the sun and crowds during your trip.

Refurbishments/closures scheduled for August

Scheduled for refurbishmentLocationDates to be closed
Liberty Square RiverboatMagic Kingdom8/4/2014 – 8/8/2014
Tomorrowland Transit Authority (PeopleMover)Magic Kingdom6/2/2014 – 8/4/2014
Astro OrbiterMagic Kingdom6/2/2014 – 9/27/2014
It’s Tough to be a BugAnimal Kingdom7/7/14 – 9/27/14

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Trip checklist

January or earlier: book your hotel, make your daily plans and choose dining options
February or early March: (180 days before your trip begins – use chart on right side to see the exact date): make dining reservations (website is available at 6 a.m. Eastern, phone lines are open at 7 a.m. Eastern)
March – May: book flights (tips on finding best flights)
June (60 days before your trip begins): check in online and make FastPass+ reservations
July or earlier: set up Magical Express, purchase PhotoPass+ and order groceries
August: pack (packing list to help you) and go to Disney World!
September: finalize PhotoPass pics and order within 45 days after your trip
Quick Reference

August 2014 park hours and best/worst parks(PDF)

Avg high: 92° F / Avg low: 74° F

August 2014 at Disney World from

When to book dining reservations

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August 2014 at Disney World from

Available Discounts

Summer discount for visits through August 28 for up to 35% off rooms available. Book by June 6. Get the details here.

See the chart of past discounts for previous promotion dates.

Special Events



August 1 – 17
August 2014 at Disney World from

August 18 – 31
August 2014 at Disney World from

August 2014 at Disney World from